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wenzel ("Together with my team I have developed the POEM approach for protein folding. We were...")
werwolf (" user team")
WNj ("Moin, I am Wilhelm, born 1966 in Brunswik, working half time for a small real estate...")
WyerByter ("I am WyerByter. I live in a place filled with chunks of plastic, burnt metal and the smell...")
wintermute_P3DN! ("My age is like over 30 and i like Computers and i am lucky to earn my living with computers...")
Wabbit98 ("I am a Knight Who Says Ni!, Ni!. I am a full tiem student with one little computer that I...")
Woody Woodpecker ("My name is Woodpecker, Woody Woodpecker")
Wassertropfen ("I am from Heidelberg and work since 1987 with Computer. I spend some time for ballroom...")
WilliamWallace ("My Scot Gypsy")
Webmaster Yoda ("Am I a Nerd? A Geek? Who knows. I have more computers than I need and still want more,...")

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