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Nikolay A. Saharov ("My name is Nikolay. I'm from Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation. I work at Russian...")
Norman_RKN (" e.V Weltweit erster gemeinnütziger Verein für verteiltes Rechnen -...")
NeoGen ("I'm a software developer from Portugal, with a great passion for Distributed Computing. I'm...")
nunyx ("Member of Portugal@home team. ")
nexus7 ("\"Por mi se va a la ciudad del llanto, por mi se va al eterno dolor, por mi se llega al...")
novalis ("La preoccupazione dell\'uomo e del suo destino devono sempre costituire l\'interesse...")
Nikky ("Hello! My name is Nikol. I\'m sixteen years old.")
nehoku ("41 jahre alt, berufskraftfahrer,verh. 2 kinder, hobby´s pc ,technick, schlangen, habe 2...")

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