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Myster65 ("Creator of the series of stamps for BOINC and projects. Winner of the QMC@HOME birthday...")
markattack ("Usuario de TitanesDC Soy un chico que estudió Ingenierí­a informática técnica,...")
macruh ("Hi! I'm 44 years old, from Germany, living now already many years in Switzerland,...")
Michael H.W. Weber ("I am a german chemist currently working as a Principal Investigator on bacteriophages and...")
melter65 ("Hello! I am a 43yr old steelworker from Sheffield, UK. Married with one teenage Daughter,...")
Michele ANSALDI ("23/03/2004 Me and my daughter Alicia in front of our house in Holguìn (Cuba) I am born...")
Martok ("Ich rechne für den Verein Wir sind bei allen bekannten Distributed...")
mike047 ("DC GYPSY")
MrBad ("Hi! Hier ist MrBad vom P3D-Team.")
Maxxx ("Hi ;)")

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