Peptideanalysis 387

We have identified a few distinct protein sequences, which can enter a membrane and enriched them with some nearly similar sequences, which cannot. The main objective of the peptide jobs is to find structural insight as to why some peptides can permeate the membrane. The workunits processed here are therefore not usual folding attempts but rather fixed temperature thermodynamic simulations to elucidate the nature of the permeation ability.

To the right you will find the best energy structure (to date) of the first sequence. Below is a table of all the best energy structures and the people who have discovered them. This table will be updated once per day. To check out the other structures just click on the structure ID in the first column of the table. If you cannot see the Java applet on the right, please check your Java install.
This structure was added on
Monday 9th March 2009 12:04:05 PM UTC

Nr.Energy User Team
P. 14.99M@r(0Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 23.4[AF>France>IDF] techniqueL'Alliance Francophone
P. 3-2.3krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 42.24RonnyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 5-5.21[ESL Brigade] ScartyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 6-3.58indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 719.02Nite OwlTeddies
P. 827.15JKuehl2Planet 3DNow!
P. 9-6.21lemmy@emulemirror2.tkBOINC.Italy
P. 1015.3Maelgwyn
P. 11-5.15VeritasElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1211.9carl.hTeddies
P. 13-2.24timmy2k4Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 14-4.85KourosElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 158.67Heiko Hahn
P. 1614.87[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 17-2.47Nite OwlTeddies
P. 18-4.97
P. 192.05PhilippElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 20-2.5Ca3desnoxUniversitt der Bundeswehr Mnchen
P. 21-8.54Rafa Hens El Califa [Cordoba]CANAL@Boinc
P. 22-1.11[ESL Brigade] gineElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 23-2.07krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 24-0.07Nite OwlTeddies
P. 25-2.3BarryAZNovell Volunteer Sysops
P. 26-4.12RularPlanet 3DNow!
P. 27-9.84csbysetiNordlichter
P. 280.89indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 296.44
P. 307.71FrederikElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 31-0.56BruceSUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
P. 3213.61Jotam FelmyPlanet 3DNow!
P. 336.54p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 34-0.69ovPlanet 3DNow!
P. 3513.331n51d3r
P. 36-3.2p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 372.43giacchettiElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 382.94
P. 3912.72Wilhelm HindersmannElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 4017.31TheDeltaElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 41-0.24Anthony Davidson
P. 4211.24DerbeLinks BOINC CrewPlanet 3DNow!
P. 43-7.89MarcoElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 44-3.07
P. 45-5.62georgiosTeam Norway
P. 46-2.3cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 47-3.21Phantom14Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 482.73
P. 495.96MarcElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 50-9.53georgiosTeam Norway
P. 515.0roudenProtein structural analysis room Japan
P. 52-5.46markus heimbuechelPlanet 3DNow!
P. 536.06
P. 5410.92MoorPlanet 3DNow!
P. 55-7.0
P. 56-10.24cstchieArs Technica
P. 573.17UnanimatedElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 58-2.97
P. 599.69Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 605.24
P. 610.41
P. 62-14.89cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 632.65[c@b] andreaCANAL@Boinc
P. 64-0.73georgiosTeam Norway
P. 651.49BarryAZNovell Volunteer Sysops
P. 66-1.1sandElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 67-7.56rwillisCrunchers Inc
P. 68-5.92[ESL ELITE CRUNCHER] R ! p p c h e ³Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 691.97David BallTeam-SciFi
P. 70-7.59BenjaminH
P. 71-2.16Gladiator@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 721.11zYrExElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 734.95phicksTeddies
P. 74-3.24JagDocPlanet 3DNow!
P. 754.37thunderbusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 767.87Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 77-5.43tuningPlanet 3DNow!
P. 782.88[c@b] andreaCANAL@Boinc
P. 79-1.58
P. 811.44LordofWarElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 822.32f.o.g.zonePlanet 3DNow!
P. 83-19.56indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 848.3UNA
P. 85-0.72
P. 861.7twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 87-4.97NeitmehrPlanet 3DNow!
P. 88-5.13Nite OwlTeddies
P. 892.84user312Canada
P. 908.4RularPlanet 3DNow!
P. 912.71
P. 92-7.11sinuXElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 931.48
P. 9413.43Philipp
P. 95-6.23BeemerBikerTexas A&M University
P. 9612.92Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 97-9.75HDvid
P. 98-11.71jimdu62Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 990.76[AF>Linux] mvarkL'Alliance Francophone
P. 1003.37Nite OwlTeddies
P. 1013.25Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 1028.89kaietBOINC Synergy
P. 1032.09[AF>HFR>HOP!]Xarou des bouasL'Alliance Francophone
P. 10411.48accedburnSETI.Germany
P. 10514.09
P. 106-3.33paffiElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 10710.74[ESL ELITE CRUNCHER] R ! p p c h e ³Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 108-11.56MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 1093.07SandroPlanet 3DNow!
P. 110-4.0
P. 111-1.35
P. 112-10.04
P. 113-2.05ShagrathElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1144.93biscuit_Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 11522.0georgiosTeam Norway
P. 1167.48Joerg Frings-FuerstPredictor @ Germany
P. 1175.37[c@b] andreaCANAL@Boinc
P. 118-5.64vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 120-12.59pdietrichSETI.Germany
P. 121-5.61sepp535Planet 3DNow!
P. 1223.73
P. 123-4.21J Langley
P. 124-11.02georgiosTeam Norway
P. 125-0.11REM!XPlanet 3DNow!
P. 12618.97NachtninjaElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1277.1gediElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1283.09PinXoElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1290.79cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 130-0.04
P. 1313.96
P. 132-6.63KGBerlinPlanet 3DNow!
P. 133-7.8f.o.g.zonePlanet 3DNow!
P. 134-0.1MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 1357.3phicksTeddies
P. 1360.46JagDocPlanet 3DNow!
P. 137-0.52NowiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1381.08Mikus Grinbergs
P. 1398.79Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 1400.9Morphy375Teddies
P. 14120.86popeiAbattoir_Blues
P. 14217.1[C@B] Gaston FallaCANAL@Boinc
P. 143-4.29mike047Zirconia
P. 144-2.07mrmPlanet 3DNow!
P. 145-4.34BlueBirdZirconia
P. 1461.53Heiko Hahn
P. 1470.59Cluster PhysikPlanet 3DNow!
P. 14910.18
P. 1507.37
P. 1510.87
P. 152-1.67getfuckedwOwElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1536.42[B^S] ankaboBOINC Synergy
P. 154-4.46JagDocPlanet 3DNow!
P. 155-4.77phicksTeddies
P. 15610.83MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 157-11.12DotschObDoHe
P. 15812.54rapt0rPlanet 3DNow!
P. 159-10.77nils
P. 1600.76cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 1612.38
P. 1620.02pjsalminUniverse Examiners
P. 164-7.4929bde
P. 165-5.09RularPlanet 3DNow!
P. 166-4.63Christian Wolf
P. 1672.45RAMenCruncher Junkies
P. 1680.11ManiacElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 170-14.14f.o.g.zonePlanet 3DNow!
P. 171-6.04Morphy375Teddies
P. 17221.68De_vilPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1735.49JagDocPlanet 3DNow!
P. 17412.77[ESL Brigade] pYrus pYrasterElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 176-22.32benderr2001SETI.USA
P. 177-12.69user69Planet 3DNow!
P. 1781.8CaptainFluoroBOINC@AUSTRALIA
P. 1792.79noziTeddies
P. 1807.56Florian OhnesorgSETI.Germany
P. 181-4.21jcworksPlanet 3DNow!
P. 182-4.29krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1831.6[P3D]L3X4Planet 3DNow!
P. 184-3.13FalconFlyNordlichter
P. 1851.08biZZarrePlanet 3DNow!
P. 18620.76
P. 1870.92
P. 188-21.12AnanasNordlichter
P. 1893.12Zachary@TeddiesTeddies
P. 1904.74vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 191-0.3shu@loungeTeam 2ch
P. 1927.32
P. 193-1.76
P. 194-5.18Liebel-labKIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
P. 195-3.55[B^S] SpydermbBOINC Synergy
P. 1962.77
P. 1971.72SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 198-7.97TU Bergakademie FreibergSETI.Germany
P. 199-7.51Bernd1
P. 200-4.88Nite OwlTeddies
P. 2018.08cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 2026.72csbysetiNordlichter
P. 203-11.36
P. 204-2.07csbysetiNordlichter
P. 206-9.3Craig MarshCruncher Junkies
P. 2074.84vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 20819.36Nite OwlTeddies
P. 209-6.04[AF>France>EST>Lorraine] vickkL'Alliance Francophone
P. 2114.67SuperRealPlanet 3DNow!
P. 212-2.16Liebel-labKIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
P. 21316.19Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 21410.37Nite OwlTeddies
P. 215-5.39leavitronArs Technica
P. 2163.67SebastianElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 2175.71SuperRealPlanet 3DNow!
P. 218-11.96
P. 2201.32OlevanKenobiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 221-6.48krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 2229.83Cluster PhysikPlanet 3DNow!
P. 2234.62frikkArs Technica
P. 22421.87Cluster PhysikPlanet 3DNow!
P. 2269.38Zachary@TeddiesTeddies
P. 22710.48
P. 2286.29[AF>HFR>HOP!]Xarou des bouasL'Alliance Francophone
P. 229-3.74Skip Da ShuGuru Mountain
P. 2302.5SuperRealPlanet 3DNow!
P. 2310.4out2lunchArs Technica
P. 232-3.47Zachary@TeddiesTeddies
P. 233-1.55d-punktPlanet 3DNow!
P. 2346.55Kevint_SETI.USASETI.USA
P. 235-4.84
P. 2360.79RularPlanet 3DNow!
P. 237-2.65Cluster PhysikPlanet 3DNow!
P. 2387.09methodermis
P. 2395.7
P. 2409.22[ESL ELITE CRUNCHER] R ! p p c h e ³Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 24130.93BarryAZNovell Volunteer Sysops
P. 24218.61csbysetiNordlichter
P. 243-2.92
P. 244-2.99
P. 24511.52
P. 24718.49BrendonArs Technica
P. 248-15.22Ron
P. 2490.95MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 250-0.23[ESL ELITE CRUNCHER] R ! p p c h e ³Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 2517.82Reset@AliceAlice
P. 25210.882SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 253-7.73FreeLarryThe Final Front Ear
P. 254-9.67GoDeckaElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 25512.51TheDragonElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 2563.45
P. 2576.722SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 2582.14cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 260-1.13StotzmanSwissTeam.NET
P. 2613.63MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 2628.25RebirtherBOINC Confederation
P. 2634.49accedburnSETI.Germany
P. 2640.47Nite OwlTeddies
P. 265-4.64p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 266-1.08Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 26716.412SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 2682.03
P. 269-1.98That JeremyDigital Abacus
P. 2701.87
P. 271-4.99mrmPlanet 3DNow!
P. 272-3.16twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 2730.45AndiDEGPlanet 3DNow!
P. 2741.77
P. 275-4.06[AF>France>LABIOSUD] Thierry CornetL'Alliance Francophone
P. 2761.22stephan4520Planet 3DNow!
P. 277-2.39tr0ach[H]ard|OCP
P. 2783.98
P. 2790.94f.o.g.zonePlanet 3DNow!
P. 280-4.18tmg@jisakuTeam 2ch
P. 281-8.52Zachary@TeddiesTeddies
P. 282-3.04georgiosTeam Norway
P. 28315.63
P. 284-14.78GnomElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 285-3.99Marc
P. 286-3.67Gladiator@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 287-0.96Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 2886.41
P. 289-3.31WF-FS-E51Czech National Team
P. 290-7.63Daniele CasaleSTIN
P. 291-8.42csbysetiNordlichter
P. 292-8.08TizianElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 293-4.32starledPlanet 3DNow!
P. 2943.98krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 295-8.13MarceloBordonSETI.Germany
P. 296-17.33eugPlanet 3DNow!
P. 297-6.75[af>france>ouest>nantes] cblanchoL'Alliance Francophone
P. 298-0.46leavitronArs Technica
P. 2991.55[ESL Brigade] afonicElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 300-0.45joe carnivoreNordlichter
P. 302-1.93sandElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 303-17.56georgiosTeam Norway
P. 3040.62Zachary@TeddiesTeddies
P. 3053.02Southern CrossTeam Wa
P. 3064.69georgiosTeam Norway
P. 3078.26Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 308-4.44p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 309-11.43NikkyCzech National Team
P. 311-9.29
P. 312-6.81[AF>Le_Pommier>]AdjEVi'Mac10L'Alliance Francophone
P. 3130.372SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 314-2.47faikkl0LElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 315-9.16eric7
P. 316-8.69science@familie-netSETI.Germany
P. 317-8.38Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 318-1.26
P. 31924.19csbysetiNordlichter
P. 320-14.28
P. 32167.65GercoGRussia Team
P. 32213.15
P. 3233.82Joerg Frings-FuerstPredictor @ Germany
P. 3245.84carl.hTeddies
P. 3255.94accedburnSETI.Germany
P. 326-10.2[AF>HFR>BZHWDT] Da BZH World Domination TeamCharity Team
P. 327-6.56
P. 328-0.43WF-FS-E51Czech National Team
P. 329-13.04[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersL'Alliance Francophone
P. 330-1.95Sick_JElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 3314.2
P. 332-2.84DiscjayBOINC@Dessau
P. 333-2.05Misanthrop66SETI.Germany
P. 334-1.96
P. 335-3.73ScornElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 3364.3georgiosTeam Norway
P. 33741.71csbysetiNordlichter
P. 339-9.72Nite OwlTeddies
P. 340-3.11
P. 341-16.79Zachary@TeddiesTeddies
P. 3420.98cstchieArs Technica
P. 343-9.36[AF>FRANCE>EST>ALPES]EpomilL'Alliance Francophone
P. 344-11.34pjsalminUniverse Examiners
P. 345-9.3vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 34614.29
P. 347-8.55[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 3483.12chr1sElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 349-11.04Pentti KiesiKarelia
P. 350-5.51cayankfan
P. 351-11.06FalconFlyNordlichter
P. 35223.4[ESL ELITE CRUNCHER] R ! p p c h e ³Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 353-12.76raddeElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 3542.46[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 355-1.35hagen15SETI.Germany
P. 356-9.19Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 357-6.65BeemerBikerTexas A&M University
P. 358-6.69
P. 359-16.3Stifflers MUMPlanet 3DNow!
P. 360-6.2Nite OwlTeddies
P. 361-0.2abuzeAbattoir_Blues
P. 362-7.86Nite OwlTeddies
P. 3633.85ChrisElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 364-10.08blubluSETI.Germany
P. 365-13.22erattePlanet 3DNow!
P. 3661.66Christian Wolf
P. 3675.47RularPlanet 3DNow!
P. 3685.23Jarek_P
P. 3698.2csbysetiNordlichter
P. 3706.06StregusSETI.Germany
P. 3710.56
P. 37215.44Zachary@TeddiesTeddies
P. 37455.97
P. 375-5.11Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 3773.47csbysetiNordlichter
P. 378-0.22Eirik Redd
P. 3799.75Nite OwlTeddies
P. 380-2.18brianhigginsFree-DC
P. 381-0.162SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 3822.47p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 383-3.5529bde
P. 3841.0Christian Siebner
P. 38522.71usfPlanet 3DNow!
P. 3860.94Jaques_le_SpaquesPlanet 3DNow!
P. 3874.14Sm3KElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 38821.16Cluster PhysikPlanet 3DNow!
P. 3891.83pjsalminUniverse Examiners
P. 3907.41SynNordlichter
P. 391-8.43Evil_RichBOINC Synergy
P. 392-7.0
P. 393-1.18Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 39410.93ChristianElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 3953.77shaugeTeam Norway
P. 3963.43GunfoulTeam Wa
P. 398-16.53sqweeserBOINC@Finland
P. 399-0.05RularPlanet 3DNow!
P. 400-11.82
P. 401-8.21VC/HVHPlanet 3DNow!
P. 402-9.95BrunoROT
P. 40315.3timmy2k4Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 404-11.05DitschezzPlanet 3DNow!
P. 4050.53volto_santoElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 4063.62
P. 4071.24The SwordfishPC Perspective Killer Frogs
P. 4087.03Kollege 9MMElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 4095.32TeilnehmerPlanet 3DNow!
P. 4103.73Kirdnem(Vince)Cruncher Junkies
P. 411-3.13
P. 4127.28laurenu2Free-DC
P. 413-3.13firewall68MEDIA DATABASE
P. 4148.9Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 415-12.78mc_frankyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 416-3.92Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 4174.74georgiosTeam Norway
P. 4180.73
P. 4191.47Cluster PhysikPlanet 3DNow!
P. 4202.47KasommSETI.Germany
P. 42152.45AnanasNordlichter
P. 422-4.82MooDs@ESLElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 42310.17
P. 4244.38Morphy375Teddies
P. 425-0.13dirkSETI.Germany
P. 426-10.1abursteinArs Technica
P. 4272.93David M [USA]USA
P. 4286.12
P. 429-5.22cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 4304.46BarryAZNovell Volunteer Sysops
P. 4312.35Prime LemurBOINC@AUSTRALIA
P. 4321.31GehrsitzPlunet
P. 4334.76Crunchers For More PowerCharity Team
P. 434-8.43HDvid
P. 435-16.39DonGeiloPlanet 3DNow!
P. 4360.86kiLLuElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 437-9.33
P. 439-2.81
P. 440-6.0play0rArs Technica
P. 44110.22Prime LemurBOINC@AUSTRALIA
P. 4427.05
P. 4435.16alan2308[H]ard|OCP
P. 4447.51MartinSETI.Germany
P. 445-4.53
P. 446-5.88
P. 4474.78carl.hTeddies
P. 4482.83N3rDElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 4508.32DitschezzPlanet 3DNow!
P. 451-5.8BarryAZNovell Volunteer Sysops
P. 452-17.24soikiElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 453-2.75FresyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 454-3.87Christian Wolf
P. 4558.38volto_santoElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 456-4.41marco
P. 457-19.74[B^S] ankaboBOINC Synergy
P. 458-5.46FragfutterElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 459-5.69Nite OwlTeddies
P. 4602.96dogkillerCharity Team
P. 461-3.072SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 4623.35vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 4634.25georgiosTeam Norway
P. 464-12.12carl.hTeddies
P. 4661.87StormlockeElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 467-2.84
P. 468-5.38Nite OwlTeddies
P. 4694.82vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 470-6.69mike047Zirconia
P. 47210.29[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFL'Alliance Francophone
P. 47371.37Nite OwlTeddies
P. 47517.54cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 476-9.58BrunoROT
P. 4773.57nils
P. 4782.72Arthur BohrElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 479-1.93FalconFlyNordlichter
P. 4802.9
P. 48113.67M@jor TheppoElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 482-4.95NudgeyNRCruncher Junkies
P. 4841.13David BallTeam-SciFi
P. 485-5.21
P. 486-10.07
P. 487-5.42csbysetiNordlichter
P. 488-9.03Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 489-9.59DevilzElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 490-8.96
P. 49111.2[AF>HFR>HOP!]Xarou des bouasL'Alliance Francophone
P. 4929.81Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 4934.03simoneElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 494-10.54cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 495-5.54p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 4963.41dtpancioTGM Team
P. 497-3.66Osmar DuranUSA
P. 499-2.33
P. 500-12.53
P. 501-3.8Joerg Frings-FuerstPredictor @ Germany
P. 5025.76BruceSUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
P. 503-4.61Liebel-labKIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
P. 5047.09Bob BowenTeam-SciFi
P. 505-8.11[ESL Brigade] inFlamesElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 506-5.81
P. 5078.37OpaElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 50818.43krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 5091.03RAMenCruncher Junkies
P. 510-3.79Cluster PhysikPlanet 3DNow!
P. 511-8.32ShagrathElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 513-1.2
P. 51424.54Joerg Frings-FuerstPredictor @ Germany
P. 515-1.76maldeeElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 516-3.48p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 517-4.35NekdDrgnArs Technica
P. 518-9.57Christian Wolf
P. 519-7.84[AF>EDLS] ThomasL'Alliance Francophone
P. 5203.14MartinSETI.Germany
P. 5216.34RularPlanet 3DNow!
P. 5227.89Morphy375Teddies
P. 524-12.87ReLaxXElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 5258.8
P. 526-0.72administratorElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 52715.24yamashinProtein structural analysis room Japan
P. 5283.84aendgraendSETI.Germany
P. 529-0.61Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 530-8.94ovPlanet 3DNow!
P. 5315.61shaugeTeam Norway
P. 532-2.52ddranoc
P. 5331.75kartanPlanet 3DNow!
P. 5345.4Reset@AliceAlice
P. 535-9.31FalconFlyNordlichter
P. 536-7.42tuningPlanet 3DNow!
P. 537-4.88RularPlanet 3DNow!
P. 538-1.44user69Planet 3DNow!
P. 5390.85Southern CrossTeam Wa
P. 5408.51FractalArs Technica
P. 542-8.95AsphyxWorringen
P. 5433.57zYrExElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 544-8.06
P. 5452.88Daniele_iFrItESL
P. 54611.67hzelsPlanet 3DNow!
P. 547-17.86cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 548-15.89Liebel-labKIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
P. 549-7.33Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 5501.84WinterElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 55112.52stellar7BOINC@Heidelberg
P. 552-3.432SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 554-16.04erattePlanet 3DNow!
P. 555-1.53[c@b] andreaCANAL@Boinc
P. 55611.78
P. 557-7.22Liebel-labKIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
P. 559-16.19RularPlanet 3DNow!
P. 560-6.88short232SETI.USA
P. 5617.96
P. 562-8.02BlueBirdZirconia
P. 563-7.32
P. 564-9.12Morphy375Teddies
P. 5654.51KryniekBOINC@Poland
P. 566-0.57csbysetiNordlichter
P. 567-0.76MrICE3SETI.Germany
P. 56810.65NicoElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 569-2.34
P. 5704.88Cluster PhysikPlanet 3DNow!
P. 5710.46indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 572-17.84DamionElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 5733.43jcworksPlanet 3DNow!
P. 574-12.54[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 575-7.77SuperRealPlanet 3DNow!
P. 576-5.93VeritasElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 577-4.55Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 578-15.44spaceonePlanet 3DNow!
P. 5790.2De_vilPlanet 3DNow!
P. 5807.27[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 581-3.64[P3D]L3X4Planet 3DNow!
P. 583-6.2
P. 584-5.85UNA
P. 585-2.44Misanthrop66SETI.Germany
P. 58610.89spaceonePlanet 3DNow!
P. 587-4.21AnalistElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 588-6.83Skip Da ShuGuru Mountain
P. 5890.92REM!XPlanet 3DNow!
P. 590-13.72Sp4wNElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 591-2.23
P. 5929.62ken wongTeam China
P. 593-0.78
P. 594-5.1indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 595-0.16mr.r.solePlanet 3DNow!
P. 596-10.35MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 597-0.47Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 5984.03dragonPlanet 3DNow!
P. 5991.19VenoXPlanet 3DNow!
P. 600-4.89
P. 6010.14Daniele CasaleSTIN
P. 602-13.73fl4tyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 603-9.2[P3D]L3X4Planet 3DNow!
P. 604-11.87sinuXElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 605-2.51anotheronePlanet 3DNow!
P. 60612.97JohnnyLed
P. 60770.0
P. 608-18.29user312Canada
P. 609-4.65|MatMan|
P. 610-7.57hmusseau
P. 6113.85ElmoHooArs Technica
P. 61213.92krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 613-9.61p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 614-17.79Ingo
P. 615-2.07Florian OhnesorgSETI.Germany
P. 616-2.6moky.mathBOINC.BE
P. 61721.69rittmeisterElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 6185.86ovPlanet 3DNow!
P. 620-9.88asemannFrance
P. 621-15.37Nite OwlTeddies
P. 6220.13f.o.g.zonePlanet 3DNow!
P. 6234.27
P. 62410.14Bruce-WillesPlanet 3DNow!
P. 625-2.59krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 626-12.02PjackPlanet 3DNow!
P. 6275.15sidhawkElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 6283.96RvP_LaNL'Alliance Francophone
P. 6293.76ESL_Daemon
P. 630-6.35SandroPlanet 3DNow!
P. 631-4.52rufu
P. 632-11.83ESL_TheflyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 633-9.9BrendonArs Technica
P. 6341.61Gladiator@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 635-1.77AliPlanet 3DNow!
P. 636-3.41Nite OwlTeddies
P. 6373.28nakElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 638-14.16sirmonkey[H]ard|OCP
P. 639-1.63
P. 640-4.71
P. 642-7.16mcleod267060L'Alliance Francophone
P. 6433.75simon1968Teddies
P. 644-3.48mike047Zirconia
P. 645-1.65TU Bergakademie FreibergSETI.Germany
P. 64613.79JagDocPlanet 3DNow!
P. 6477.39ddranoc
P. 6483.54Morphy375Teddies
P. 64912.0Gladiator@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 650-9.02flo.mageElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 651-10.73[B^S] ankaboBOINC Synergy
P. 65218.94indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 65314.09Crunchers For More PowerCharity Team
P. 654-2.13
P. 6556.42twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 656-11.47Robert Waniek
P. 657-7.88
P. 658-8.54Captn-FuturePlanet 3DNow!
P. 659-10.27
P. 6605.0JornDutch Power Cows
P. 661-2.61PeteyFree-DC
P. 662-8.63REM!XPlanet 3DNow!
P. 663-12.92Nite OwlTeddies
P. 664-1.3[AF>France>Est>Lorraine]bernardPL'Alliance Francophone
P. 6651.87duleElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 6661.48Cluster PhysikPlanet 3DNow!
P. 6672.86TC10284BOINCstats
P. 668-6.26starledPlanet 3DNow!
P. 669-7.26LaVeyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 670-2.38PjackPlanet 3DNow!
P. 6715.14cerbElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 6725.24camo@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 673-26.9woerli
P. 674-13.17wintermute_P3DN!Planet 3DNow!
P. 675-8.66defconElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 67626.44kollCzech National Team
P. 6775.46user69Planet 3DNow!
P. 678-1.58J-RPlanet 3DNow!
P. 6795.84joe carnivoreNordlichter
P. 681-2.33TherenArs Technica
P. 68213.56vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 6833.25DennyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 6844.75Bob BowenTeam-SciFi
P. 685-9.78Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 686-5.43sepp535Planet 3DNow!
P. 687-10.78
P. 68923.59
P. 690-5.92UserX_Admin
P. 691-1.9mrmPlanet 3DNow!
P. 692-16.06docmic92L'Alliance Francophone
P. 693-0.81[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 694-11.0
P. 69521.11
P. 6960.1Neil StoreSouth Africa
P. 6975.91Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 698-11.03d-punktPlanet 3DNow!
P. 6990.52twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 70114.05[ESL ELITE CRUNCHER] R ! p p c h e ³Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 702-9.77CraCruViadrina Crunchers Deluxe
P. 703-2.29
P. 704-23.61RamonElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 705-0.8AXfactORGruppe 2004
P. 706-0.13xen91Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 70728.79Eric Gr%0,nebergElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 708-9.73emtezetElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 7095.4Nite OwlTeddies
P. 7103.32Cluster PhysikPlanet 3DNow!
P. 71115.16markdayoTeam Wa
P. 7128.04markusElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 71316.04emptyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 7144.84[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 715-2.82hzelsPlanet 3DNow!
P. 716-10.38mc_frankyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 7177.72Florian OhnesorgSETI.Germany
P. 7186.96
P. 7198.52kartanPlanet 3DNow!
P. 7204.25[AF>HFR>RR] NansouwL'Alliance Francophone
P. 721-11.41Zachary@TeddiesTeddies
P. 722-3.29
P. 7232.0
P. 7242.18spaceonePlanet 3DNow!
P. 7252.48csbysetiNordlichter
P. 7268.96to8utesAbattoir_Blues
P. 727-1.29
P. 728-7.13cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 7298.0[ESL ELITE CRUNCHER] ScAnYElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 7305.22
P. 731-0.69denjoRPlanet 3DNow!
P. 732-1.17Christian Wolf
P. 733-7.14ovPlanet 3DNow!
P. 7343.18UA_ReMMeRUkraine
P. 7358.27mike047Zirconia
P. 73623.08[AF>EDLS] ThomasL'Alliance Francophone
P. 737-3.02WarmGridL'Alliance Francophone
P. 738-1.41Morphy375Teddies
P. 73917.14BarryAZNovell Volunteer Sysops
P. 7404.13FalconFlyNordlichter
P. 741-2.33
P. 742-5.33HiRN@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 743-3.22georgiosTeam Norway
P. 744-9.57IngoradElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 7451.13HiRN@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 7460.77RularPlanet 3DNow!
P. 7472.62accedburnSETI.Germany
P. 7483.04twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 749-17.27csbysetiNordlichter
P. 7502.38[ESL Brigade] gineElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 7512.59short232SETI.USA
P. 7520.11vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 7534.55Heather
P. 7541.83Dirty4488Planet 3DNow!
P. 7551.75csbysetiNordlichter
P. 7560.04BenjaminH
P. 7572.16warpcoresPlanet 3DNow!
P. 758-0.26excelsiorElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 7592.83[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 7601.52Christian Wolf
P. 761-2.04BeemerBikerTexas A&M University
P. 7624.01RAMenCruncher Junkies
P. 763-0.47Cluster PhysikPlanet 3DNow!
P. 764-1.84p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 7657.15Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 7670.59biZZarrePlanet 3DNow!
P. 768-9.34firewall68MEDIA DATABASE
P. 7694.07
P. 770-6.74indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 7711.32
P. 772-10.86hagen15SETI.Germany
P. 773-6.92OlevanKenobiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 7745.74God_von_HeavenCzech National Team
P. 775-0.74MaCeElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 7773.55tomov_nikolay
P. 778-3.04GraspElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 779-6.7BlueRibbonCity@railwayTeam 2ch
P. 78029.03georgiosTeam Norway
P. 781-16.79HeloPlanet 3DNow!
P. 7825.77FighterElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 78311.37berg-tomPlanet 3DNow!
P. 784-10.71Trox@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 785-13.73
P. 78625.93ovPlanet 3DNow!
P. 787-17.49SandroPlanet 3DNow!
P. 788-11.56Morphy375Teddies
P. 789-2.18John Fritsch
P. 7901.74Perry MaskellTeAm AnandTech
P. 791-11.32denjoRPlanet 3DNow!
P. 79215.38RincewindZEL / FZ-Juelich
P. 793-8.49Nite OwlTeddies
P. 794-3.46TU Bergakademie FreibergSETI.Germany
P. 7951.65Purple RabbitThe Final Front Ear
P. 796-5.47GenzelElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 7970.68p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 7983.88BlueRibbonCity@railwayTeam 2ch
P. 799-5.51Liebel-labKIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
P. 8007.19apoElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 801-3.63MegalomikesMegalomikes
P. 8022.65Morphy375Teddies
P. 8032.58yamashinProtein structural analysis room Japan
P. 8042.942SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 805-8.43Erasmus.HeroldElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 8068.55TwinsTeddies
P. 8078.31BiosTauBaerElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 808-2.85REM!XPlanet 3DNow!
P. 80914.9
P. 8105.82The SwordfishPC Perspective Killer Frogs
P. 811-3.76DamionElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 8121.88mrmPlanet 3DNow!
P. 8138.01standbyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 814-6.42rapt0rPlanet 3DNow!
P. 8150.03AndiDEGPlanet 3DNow!
P. 816-5.78
P. 817-6.11shaugeTeam Norway
P. 818-1.59VeritasElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 8192.67Pol!ceElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 8204.12yamashinProtein structural analysis room Japan
P. 821-7.22AndiDEGPlanet 3DNow!
P. 822-3.56dEvilCzech National Team
P. 823-7.93BarryAZNovell Volunteer Sysops
P. 824-16.69PrincessElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 825-2.52
P. 8265.48UNA
P. 827-15.12
P. 828-4.27UNA
P. 829-6.66Evil_RichBOINC Synergy
P. 830-4.14MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 831-5.04
P. 832-4.61setbitCatalunya
P. 8332.33Liebel-labKIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
P. 8343.21Mr. IcePlanet 3DNow!
P. 835-3.6f.o.g.zonePlanet 3DNow!
P. 8361.64max
P. 837-1.37Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 83810.14[AF>France>LABIOSUD] Thierry CornetL'Alliance Francophone
P. 839-6.17indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 8405.74sixecoElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 841-7.19
P. 842-10.35eugPlanet 3DNow!
P. 843-1.97Fuzzyness..Team 2ch
P. 845-3.29[ESL ELITE CRUNCHER] R ! p p c h e ³Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 84654.31Dj
P. 847-4.37
P. 8485.72krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 8492.13schnienElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 850-2.51
P. 851-5.88
P. 852-9.8Zachary@TeddiesTeddies
P. 853-12.71Gladiator@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 854-1.08HiRN@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 8552.06MooDs@ESLElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 8568.97Pentti KiesiKarelia
P. 857-9.05Joerg Frings-FuerstPredictor @ Germany
P. 8582.03FalconFlyNordlichter
P. 859-19.32Nite OwlTeddies
P. 860-13.39eltownsvenElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 861-5.22
P. 862-6.6Captn-FuturePlanet 3DNow!
P. 8637.26Evil_RichBOINC Synergy
P. 864-12.25UnanimatedElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 865-12.8roudenProtein structural analysis room Japan
P. 866-12.01camo@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 868-5.12grgrElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 869-2.531n51d3rElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 870-8.05Hiemann-HS Lausitz
P. 871-19.45Pol!ceElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 872-8.86multicsC2D4GB
P. 87363.47NaquedElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 8746.01EnriqueHispaSeti & BOINC
P. 8750.58p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 87619.16Joerg Frings-FuerstPredictor @ Germany
P. 877-3.6LuL0Charity Team
P. 878-8.37Barraud Denis
P. 87911.8Nite OwlTeddies
P. 8803.78Nite OwlTeddies
P. 8811.82[B^S] ankaboBOINC Synergy
P. 882-11.52user69Planet 3DNow!
P. 883-11.43[B^S] ankaboBOINC Synergy
P. 884-3.03MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 88520.15bs2008
P. 886-3.79ShadowElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 887-6.74[AF>Linux] nico8313L'Alliance Francophone
P. 888-0.53BarryAZNovell Volunteer Sysops
P. 889-13.23BeemerBikerTexas A&M University
P. 8901.33horzaElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 89110.4
P. 892-5.59p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 893-7.86
P. 894-7.87Nite OwlTeddies
P. 895-9.98[ESL ELITE CRUNCHER] ScAnYElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 896-6.53vbagacn72L'Alliance Francophone
P. 897-8.07cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 89814.07ovPlanet 3DNow!
P. 899-4.76BlueBirdZirconia
P. 90033.61mr.r.solePlanet 3DNow!
P. 901-10.61simon1968Teddies
P. 902-7.17[c@b] andreaCANAL@Boinc
P. 9031.36Evil_RichBOINC Synergy
P. 90419.58IserlohnerBOINCstats
P. 905-3.19
P. 906-1.41FractalArs Technica
P. 907-0.55alicatCruncher Junkies
P. 90828.25indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 909-23.25user312Canada
P. 910-1.85
P. 9113.37MyStyXElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 912-10.6N3rDElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 913-5.58accedburnSETI.Germany
P. 914-0.61cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 915-16.06SuperRealPlanet 3DNow!
P. 9165.46Philipp
P. 917-1.81
P. 918-1.06vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 919-7.61
P. 920-2.02user69Planet 3DNow!
P. 921-3.06[P3D]L3X4Planet 3DNow!
P. 922-3.19Daniele CasaleSTIN
P. 92418.19rwillisCrunchers Inc
P. 9255.15cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 9281.55cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 9297.2[SG]FriendsSETI.Germany
P. 9300.38PixeljunkieElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 931-2.85rufu
P. 933-8.65
P. 934-6.57HaZzoElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 935-2.67momus_98
P. 936-2.55
P. 937-8.13Bruce-WillesPlanet 3DNow!
P. 938-6.59m4x1moElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 940-12.94SandroPlanet 3DNow!
P. 9410.39rufu
P. 942-8.42yamashinProtein structural analysis room Japan
P. 943-3.87GehrsitzPlunet
P. 9441.96FlyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 9464.3EizZbaeRElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 9471.72Dayne
P. 9483.81REM!XPlanet 3DNow!
P. 9493.1hmusseau
P. 9503.17ChipotleArs Technica
P. 95126.49[AF>HFR>HOP!]Xarou des bouasL'Alliance Francophone
P. 9522.1teugasL'Alliance Francophone
P. 953-2.29
P. 9548.57ChipotleArs Technica
P. 955-1.27pfbFree-DC
P. 956-8.1pm
P. 957-3.62[ESL Brigade] inFlamesElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 9588.73camo@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 95913.24popeiAbattoir_Blues
P. 960-6.7Nite OwlTeddies
P. 961-2.41cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 962-1.96JagDocPlanet 3DNow!
P. 9631.5
P. 9643.25Zachary@TeddiesTeddies
P. 965-11.02
P. 96612.04Liebel-labKIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
P. 9672.6SWANTHuntlosen@BOINC
P. 968-2.57
P. 969-2.86[ESL ELITE CRUNCHER] R ! p p c h e ³Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 97011.4
P. 97113.21
P. 9727.64
P. 973-0.14GehacktesElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 974-8.46cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 975-0.76cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 9763.08berg-tomPlanet 3DNow!
P. 977-13.11
P. 978-4.94
P. 97914.01vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 980-2.17Skip Da ShuGuru Mountain
P. 9814.8GosusPlanet 3DNow!
P. 982-5.39valle
P. 983-4.59shaugeTeam Norway
P. 9846.26ovPlanet 3DNow!
P. 9850.55bensenElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 986-9.71camo@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 987-1.15
P. 98813.22
P. 989-4.8seti klausPlanet 3DNow!
P. 990-4.74vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 9915.72UNA
P. 992-5.53BenjaminH
P. 993-2.97DonGeiloPlanet 3DNow!
P. 9944.61BlackRoses
P. 9965.0FloTheBrain
P. 997-2.76VenoXPlanet 3DNow!
P. 9980.81Jotam FelmyPlanet 3DNow!
P. 9990.39[ESL ELITE CRUNCHER] R ! p p c h e ³Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 10003.98vbagacn72L'Alliance Francophone
P. 1001-4.91csbysetiNordlichter
P. 1002-5.35Stan Wells
P. 1003-6.13toNnO_oElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1004-5.76georgiosTeam Norway
P. 10056.16AsphyxWorringen
P. 1006-0.82krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1007-20.6FractalArs Technica
P. 1008-3.25PjackPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1009-2.16p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1010-5.7slingPlanet 3DNow!
P. 10117.8
P. 10127.51Zachary@TeddiesTeddies
P. 1013-18.84
P. 1015-4.0[MTB]JackTheRipper@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 10169.64LePandaRouxCanada
P. 1017-9.97S4in7Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1018-0.22Zachary@TeddiesTeddies
P. 1019-10.39PrOOnOObElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 102038.91Fuzzyness..Team 2ch
P. 1021-13.62eugPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1022-9.28
P. 1023-3.22
P. 10246.93KleifElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1025-1.68fouilleL'Alliance Francophone
P. 1026-2.38georgiosTeam Norway
P. 1027-1.55Fuzzyness..Team 2ch
P. 1029-5.52Nite OwlTeddies
P. 10307.41MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 1031-4.16Nite OwlTeddies
P. 1032-1.75cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 1033-12.17
P. 1034-0.59Nite OwlTeddies
P. 1035-2.89vkbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 10360.1NudgeyNRCruncher Junkies
P. 1037-5.2Nite OwlTeddies
P. 103815.31narsilElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 10391.98cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 1040-9.52
P. 10410.65to8utesAbattoir_Blues
P. 1042-1.48hzelsPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1043-7.67deeeSETI.Germany
P. 10444.6Southern CrossTeam Wa
P. 1045-5.19krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 10461.89carl.hTeddies
P. 104710.1Erasmus.HeroldElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1048-1.49BeemerBikerTexas A&M University
P. 1049-5.24indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 10500.31UNA
P. 1051-2.56Ingo
P. 1052-4.25
P. 1053-2.48mIScElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 10549.43Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 1055-15.01UNA
P. 105614.03knomicPlanet 3DNow!
P. 105710.63wintermute_P3DN!Planet 3DNow!
P. 1058-4.22Heiko Hahn
P. 10599.64AndiDEGPlanet 3DNow!
P. 106021.02derchrisElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 106110.94vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 1062-3.78cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 10633.54
P. 106410.88cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 10659.27[c@b] andreaCANAL@Boinc
P. 1066-0.88MaikElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 10674.28twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 1069-6.79JagDocPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1070-1.75StetsonPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1071-6.81twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 1072-9.13MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 1073-1.07Nite OwlTeddies
P. 10741.9GehrsitzPlunet
P. 1075-17.25
P. 1076-2.87rufu
P. 107728.41
P. 10786.58cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 1079-13.37Bob BowenTeam-SciFi
P. 10820.6alicatCruncher Junkies
P. 108321.8RvP_LaNL'Alliance Francophone
P. 10847.24csbysetiNordlichter
P. 1085-7.91
P. 1086-2.43
P. 1087-3.26HooPee
P. 1088-9.88georgiosTeam Norway
P. 10895.96
P. 10902.67user69Planet 3DNow!
P. 1092-2.99Nite OwlTeddies
P. 10931.36p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 10940.2[c@b] andreaCANAL@Boinc
P. 109520.91[AF>France>LABIOSUD] Thierry CornetL'Alliance Francophone
P. 1097-10.84AdywebbTeddies
P. 109812.232SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1099-5.55Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 1100-9.32Nite OwlTeddies
P. 1101-0.66brianhigginsFree-DC
P. 11025.21[c@b] andreaCANAL@Boinc
P. 1103-2.65alpinaBOINC.BE
P. 11040.3[B^S] ankaboBOINC Synergy
P. 1105-3.29Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 11064.01RAMenCruncher Junkies
P. 1107-4.34
P. 110851.41NitemareGlitchArs Technica
P. 1109-0.74indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1110-9.25RafaelElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 11112.29PjackPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1112-10.61eric7
P. 1113-1.42MooDs@ESLElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1114-2.34mrmPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1115-3.52PJKPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1116-7.43
P. 11172.5cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 1118-8.45[C@B] DferlorCANAL@Boinc
P. 1119-7.46markdayoTeam Wa
P. 1120-10.26rufu
P. 1121-0.08krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1122-10.75twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 1123-2.25
P. 11242.43abuzeAbattoir_Blues
P. 11255.01TobiElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 112610.32
P. 1127-15.03Nite OwlTeddies
P. 1128-0.59De_vilPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1129-6.42migges
P. 11308.19AdywebbTeddies
P. 11311.39reflerProtein structural analysis room Japan
P. 11326.69pjsalminUniverse Examiners
P. 1133-1.09FalconFlyNordlichter
P. 11345.3ovPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1135-10.56vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 1136-0.15AvekElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1137-5.25Fuzzyness..Team 2ch
P. 11389.66sergi trigueroCatalunya
P. 11396.6PauleRElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1140-12.79ZephirTGM Team
P. 1141-12.65[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 1142-5.61JamrogieArs Technica
P. 1143-5.21Zachary@TeddiesTeddies
P. 11445.0spaceonePlanet 3DNow!
P. 11460.66f.o.g.zonePlanet 3DNow!
P. 1147-13.07DitschezzPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1148-10.89worldwideskier
P. 1149-16.01twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 11507.43rufu
P. 1151-4.56
P. 11521.24yamashinProtein structural analysis room Japan
P. 1153-2.19Morphy375Teddies
P. 1154-14.43
P. 1155-1.76The SwordfishPC Perspective Killer Frogs
P. 11564.91user69Planet 3DNow!
P. 11574.04[c@b] andreaCANAL@Boinc
P. 1158-2.04firewall68MEDIA DATABASE
P. 1159-9.08VollnoobPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1160-13.96[ESL ELITE CRUNCHER] ScAnYElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1161-3.61hainzyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1162-5.54QJBOINC.BE
P. 1163-1.09michaelmastroUSA
P. 11650.63reflerProtein structural analysis room Japan
P. 1166-1.51krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1167-8.52UNA
P. 1168-7.87tuningPlanet 3DNow!
P. 11692.88Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 117012.49ovPlanet 3DNow!
P. 11719.55camo@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 11724.34[AF] JulienhL'Alliance Francophone
P. 117317.49indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 11740.69LucaB76 - BOINC.ItalyBOINC.Italy
P. 1175-3.25
P. 1176-3.08
P. 1177-6.2Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 1178-2.9The SwordfishPC Perspective Killer Frogs
P. 117913.06HDvid
P. 11800.23RularPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1181-2.0twelve_xPlanet 3DNow!
P. 118249.52flyyyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1183-9.34Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 11844.01
P. 11860.23[c@b] andreaCANAL@Boinc
P. 1187-3.31cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 118820.18
P. 1189-7.34Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 11904.93
P. 11913.37Reset@AliceAlice
P. 11921.16p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1193-4.1Fox2020Team HUKD.
P. 1194-3.8soliPlanet 3DNow!
P. 11950.87Nite OwlTeddies
P. 11960.24indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1197-15.86HeLLfiReElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1198-0.14Captn-FuturePlanet 3DNow!
P. 11990.07yamashinProtein structural analysis room Japan
P. 12000.67DiscjayBOINC@Dessau
P. 1201-8.77Preuss
P. 1202-12.5zYrExElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 120317.32
P. 12042.05
P. 12053.84keithhenryMyOnlineTeam
P. 120636.22MartinSETI.Germany
P. 1207-8.22[c@b] andreaCANAL@Boinc
P. 120816.66carl.hTeddies
P. 1209-15.96DistroManCruncher Junkies
P. 1210-5.56ChrisElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 12111.67wyberElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1212-3.19[AF] JulienhL'Alliance Francophone
P. 1213-13.24ChrisElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1214-0.44Marcel KleinElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 121519.26twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 1216-4.41[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 12176.36zYrExElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1218-5.26WF-FS-E51Czech National Team
P. 1219-0.04Nite OwlTeddies
P. 1220-1.47
P. 1222-0.59mike047Zirconia
P. 12231.18
P. 12245.17[B^S] thierry@homeBOINC Synergy
P. 12254.34BremenTeAm AnandTech
P. 12263.59MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 1227-1.02Bob BowenTeam-SciFi
P. 1228-1.25RularPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1229-5.24
P. 123015.12narsilElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1231-3.0
P. 123246.96
P. 12330.7REM!XPlanet 3DNow!
P. 12343.06Osmar DuranUSA
P. 1235-3.91csbysetiNordlichter
P. 1237-9.1darkeggElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1238-11.5hzelsPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1239-2.89MachoElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 124018.18
P. 12419.95Nite OwlTeddies
P. 12421.82dingyArs Technica
P. 1243-1.21[AF>FRANCE>EST>ALPES]EpomilL'Alliance Francophone
P. 1244-4.54[c@b] andreaCANAL@Boinc
P. 12451.44PJKPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1246-4.94GosusPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1247-4.67Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 12481.23nilsElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 124918.47ron160388
P. 1250-3.21GehrsitzPlunet
P. 1251-7.71
P. 1252-7.18
P. 1253-7.34HinterElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 12541.34KeeperElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1255-4.85[AF>France>LABIOSUD] Thierry CornetL'Alliance Francophone
P. 1256-2.04AnanasNordlichter
P. 12572.78tschernofroschPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1258-5.91FresyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1259-0.34HDvid
P. 12601.67MartinSETI.Germany
P. 12616.49NekdDrgnArs Technica
P. 12622.0twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 1263-3.7indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1265-7.19
P. 1266-5.62Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 126725.95indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 12683.06giacchettiElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 126922.66erattePlanet 3DNow!
P. 1270-9.19[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 127112.76Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 1272-4.48cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 1273-0.82[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 127421.06The_Bad_PenguinThe Mothership
P. 1276-0.71ArtaninArs Technica
P. 12772.74Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 1279-8.89OpAElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 12801.84ChipotleArs Technica
P. 1281-9.8reschkyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 12820.62FlyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1283-2.09
P. 12842.92MarcElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1285-2.18[AF>EDLS>BIOMED]Gilloox
P. 12863.8mr_mibhElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1287-9.27[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 1288-4.84
P. 1290-1.95TwinsTeddies
P. 1291-6.76G.E.R.O.Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 129212.69user312Canada
P. 129319.32Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 12941.38[ESL Brigade] gineElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1297-15.64vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 12981.49
P. 1299-9.49
P. 13004.28eugPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1301-5.59twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 13024.8G F KElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1303-3.25
P. 1304-0.16georgiosTeam Norway
P. 1305-12.83vbagacn72L'Alliance Francophone
P. 13068.05
P. 1307-2.47
P. 13082.4woerli
P. 13092.4The SwordfishPC Perspective Killer Frogs
P. 1310-10.0
P. 13116.85[NL] ManfredKNordlichter
P. 13122.87REM!XPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1313-5.76FalconFlyNordlichter
P. 13146.48ElmoHooArs Technica
P. 1315-10.38markdayoTeam Wa
P. 1316-3.17
P. 1317-3.18NitemareGlitchArs Technica
P. 131849.05McBechPlanet 3DNow!
P. 13198.17julienElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1320-2.94sctBOINCstats
P. 132121.65stromerSETI.Germany
P. 1322-6.59PjackPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1323-13.47mc_frankyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1324-3.11indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1325-0.38csbysetiNordlichter
P. 13272.96SandroPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1328-14.72
P. 1329-2.64FlyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1330-0.91[C@B] DferlorCANAL@Boinc
P. 1331-7.56DennyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1332-9.07UNA
P. 133315.54HiDDeN19Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1334-3.05tradergt
P. 133515.88
P. 1336-8.45csbysetiNordlichter
P. 1337-2.68AnanasNordlichter
P. 1338-1.85Al DenteThe Knights Who Say Ni!
P. 1339-7.542SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1340-6.7RechenknechtSwissTeam.NET
P. 134154.86[ESL Brigade] gineElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 13423.45[ESL Brigade] bitpower109Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1343-7.92Nite OwlTeddies
P. 1344-13.44Nite OwlTeddies
P. 1345-3.99[ESL ELITE CRUNCHER] ScAnYElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1346-0.62Jotam FelmyPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1347-1.48PeterElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 13486.02Barraud Denis
P. 13495.76Liebel-labKIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
P. 135010.29De_vilPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1351-10.91dEvilCzech National Team
P. 1352-7.89Crunchers For More PowerCharity Team
P. 13536.92Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 13547.79MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 1355-9.09REM!XPlanet 3DNow!
P. 13564.99rufu
P. 13572.01ch!pElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 13584.24marc9LElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 135912.69
P. 136117.68#NanakiiiElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 13627.24AdywebbTeddies
P. 13630.65[ESL Brigade] gineElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1364-6.7
P. 13651.78MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 13660.81AdywebbTeddies
P. 13675.0pdietrichSETI.Germany
P. 13682.84[RKN]
P. 1369-2.64Marcel-BerlinCharity Team
P. 13702.25Daddy CoolUniversitt der Bundeswehr Mnchen
P. 1371-3.73
P. 13721.88
P. 13736.07
P. 13743.09
P. 1375-17.99indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1376-6.96[ESL ELITE CRUNCHER] ScAnYElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 13770.3
P. 137810.61LumiXElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 13793.46
P. 138010.65
P. 1381-2.18Skyzoo73BOINC.Italy
P. 1382-4.36
P. 1383-5.52
P. 138448.93s4sh87Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1385-4.2
P. 1386-1.5
P. 138712.93AureBOINC@Poland
P. 138823.46BarryAZNovell Volunteer Sysops
P. 1389-3.35HinterElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 13903.34TAL9000@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 1391-7.91Morphy375Teddies
P. 1392-8.4NikkyCzech National Team
P. 13939.07
P. 1394-1.92Prime LemurBOINC@AUSTRALIA
P. 1395-0.89twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 13962.06FalconFlyNordlichter
P. 1397-10.38burningCPU
P. 1398-2.43Nite OwlTeddies
P. 139936.55Rudi Veldkamp
P. 14000.44Christian Wolf
P. 1401-5.62Jeff17BOINCstats
P. 14022.09ChopperumschmeisserPlanet 3DNow!
P. 14033.04laurenu2Free-DC
P. 140415.81De_vilPlanet 3DNow!
P. 140510.34
P. 140654.24j8.xyyyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1407-0.15eugPlanet 3DNow!
P. 140812.06TroubadixRhenania
P. 140937.8929bde
P. 14107.26
P. 141121.04Objekt
P. 1412-2.26Rinouf31L'Alliance Francophone
P. 14137.26csbysetiNordlichter
P. 141419.46
P. 1415-6.1twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 141712.16ExtraTerrestrialApesErster Kontakt
P. 1419-1.88JoNaTElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1420-4.92Rockyviewbus
P. 14213.4[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFL'Alliance Francophone