Peptideanalysis 384

We have identified a few distinct protein sequences, which can enter a membrane and enriched them with some nearly similar sequences, which cannot. The main objective of the peptide jobs is to find structural insight as to why some peptides can permeate the membrane. The workunits processed here are therefore not usual folding attempts but rather fixed temperature thermodynamic simulations to elucidate the nature of the permeation ability.

To the right you will find the best energy structure (to date) of the first sequence. Below is a table of all the best energy structures and the people who have discovered them. This table will be updated once per day. To check out the other structures just click on the structure ID in the first column of the table. If you cannot see the Java applet on the right, please check your Java install.

Nr.Energy User Team
P. 1-5.87MetodElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 3-0.88[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 46.51Svenie25Charity Team
P. 51.98shaugeTeam Norway
P. 6-10.22Craig MarshCruncher Junkies
P. 70.37csbysetiNordlichter
P. 8-1.93Nordic_AlfSETI.Germany
P. 9-6.98MoorgansCharity Team
P. 10-2.49[SG SPEG] FornaxCharity Team
P. 1114.4[SG] RadiSETI.Germany
P. 12-4.05cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 1311.76ICEMAN@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 141.37mrmPlanet 3DNow!
P. 155.88[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 16-9.79Evil_RichBOINC Synergy
P. 1725.78RechenknechtSwissTeam.NET
P. 1820.56herby44Planet 3DNow!
P. 1916.07PedroElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 20-2.03[AF>HFR>BZHWDT] Da BZH World Domination TeamCharity Team
P. 213.61j8.xyyyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 22-6.75[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 235.47[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 25-1.24HinterElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 26-4.23[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 2715.25firewall68MEDIA DATABASE
P. 284.53Cluster PhysikPlanet 3DNow!
P. 2910.3DPopElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 302.25MichaSETI.Germany
P. 31-0.32SuperRealPlanet 3DNow!
P. 32-4.86Liebel-labKIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
P. 3310.96krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 34-12.8[AF>EDLS]SaispasL'Alliance Francophone
P. 352.08Kevint_SETI.USACharity Team
P. 363.67[ESL Brigade] CryoX-CalliCharity Team
P. 377.51dago.netCharity Team
P. 384.32[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFCharity Team
P. 39-2.49stankovViadrina Crunchers Deluxe
P. 40-6.17UNA
P. 418.15indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 420.2[AF>Linux] nico8313Charity Team
P. 432.08Nite OwlTeddies
P. 44-5.27Burning_scarElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 453.78[ESL Brigade] OdinCharity Team
P. 464.44short232SETI.USA
P. 471.1nomad8u[H]ard|OCP
P. 4824.11[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 49-5.17[SG-SPEG]Puzzle-PeterCharity Team
P. 502.29ovPlanet 3DNow!
P. 51-3.48Manuel ManchonCharity Team
P. 52-21.51mike047Zirconia
P. 534.61[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 54-3.76LightnuXElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 5512.57[ESL Brigade] KnuffoCharity Team
P. 56-1.87[ESL Brigade] NoweElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 57-9.152SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 58-7.6JagDocPlanet 3DNow!
P. 5952.68REM!XPlanet 3DNow!
P. 601.32Liebel-labKIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
P. 616.45KevinSElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 623.34[B^S] ankaboBOINC Synergy
P. 63-2.18sseidelsrbElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 64-6.87cbrCharity Team
P. 65-13.58rapt0rPlanet 3DNow!
P. 6629.7krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 6762.72j2satxZirconia
P. 68-3.17Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 6919.62[ESL Brigade] R ! p p c h e ³Charity Team
P. 700.75SandroPlanet 3DNow!
P. 71-5.43HinterElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 729.79[ESL Brigade] tRudYCharity Team
P. 73-4.29indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 74-7.07Nite OwlTeddies
P. 756.97[SG-2W]Digi421Charity Team
P. 76-9.5IJumpTeAm AnandTech
P. 778.21XBiTElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 78-6.15HavidekSpace Family
P. 79-7.51krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 806.32KirbyLinux Users Everywhere
P. 8114.7[SG]FriendsCharity Team
P. 820.59rufu
P. 83-0.77[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFCharity Team
P. 84-5.54p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 85-3.15nanohana@jisaku
P. 86-0.18indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 879.74ElvadorElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 88-4.81FractalArs Technica
P. 8925.87[AF>Linux] Elgrande71Charity Team
P. 90-5.44Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 9124.06[AF>Linux]koubi89Charity Team
P. 92-9.59Joaquin y Soraya
P. 9311.98rufu
P. 94-6.18[ESL Brigade] R ! p p c h e ³Charity Team
P. 96-8.04phicksTeddies
P. 97-1.26[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 988.74HulkHagenPlanet 3DNow!
P. 99-0.48[SG-2W]Digi421Charity Team
P. 100-0.56griff_esl
P. 10145.42DerbeLinks BOINC CrewPlanet 3DNow!
P. 102-5.0[SG-SPEG] dingdongCharity Team
P. 1030.572nd-Wave-BoosterCharity Team
P. 10411.85Gladiator@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 105-7.69[ESL Brigade] porno_cElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 106-14.28SG-BoosterCharity Team
P. 10712.59[AF>France>LABIOSUD] Thierry CornetL'Alliance Francophone
P. 108-3.12franznNiederheitmann
P. 1094.89[AF>HFR>RR] NansouwL'Alliance Francophone
P. 11012.88REM!XPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1118.79[ESL Brigade] Banane-ZitroneElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1123.43[ESL Brigade] BenZCharity Team
P. 1135.4p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 114-10.27p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 115-9.0TobiasSETI.Germany
P. 116-7.19AnanasNordlichter
P. 1175.05OliElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 11830.38biancawCharity Team
P. 1197.24Nite OwlTeddies
P. 120-5.66Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 121-3.4[AF>Le_Pommier] ArnaudL'Alliance Francophone
P. 1224.17X1900AIWCharity Team
P. 123-5.212nd-Wave-BoosterCharity Team
P. 12423.94[ESL Brigade] marcsenElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1250.29[AF>LINUX] patriceCharity Team
P. 1265.07CraCruViadrina Crunchers Deluxe
P. 127-18.77[SG] ATErnstCharity Team
P. 1288.98Rafa Hens El Califa [Cordoba]CANAL@Boinc
P. 129-14.65csbysetiNordlichter
P. 1307.64erde-m@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 1311.7indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 132-5.84pan2000Charity Team
P. 13358.77CraCruViadrina Crunchers Deluxe
P. 1343.23krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 135-3.52surfnet
P. 136-3.16indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 137-3.85MoorgansCharity Team
P. 138-2.72JagDocPlanet 3DNow!
P. 139-10.85acesulfamPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1404.31Joerg Frings-FuerstPredictor @ Germany
P. 14119.91REM!XPlanet 3DNow!
P. 14210.94Christian Wolf
P. 143-6.21cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 144-1.37anotheronePlanet 3DNow!
P. 145-3.63indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 14620.8meshmarAMD Users
P. 14710.3[AF>France>LABIOSUD] Thierry CornetL'Alliance Francophone
P. 148-8.88julioCharity Team
P. 149-8.93[AF>France>Alpes]StarfisherCharity Team
P. 151-14.54carl.hTeddies
P. 1521.66[SG-SPEG] YamazakiCharity Team
P. 153-9.17Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 1545.51JamrogieArs Technica
P. 155-6.71Morphy375Teddies
P. 15611.25[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 1575.19accedburnSETI.Germany
P. 158-3.78HavidekSpace Family
P. 159-0.76Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 160-12.18krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1611.58indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 162-13.58Brian StansburyBOINC Synergy
P. 163-2.22[af>le_pommier>] McRogerCharity Team
P. 164-9.81csbysetiNordlichter
P. 165-13.23rapt0rPlanet 3DNow!
P. 166-6.76[ESL Brigade] harderlumpCharity Team
P. 1675.64PjackPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1687.02[ESL Brigade] av3ngerElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1692.59Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 170-5.78MardurElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 17123.2ESL_SilenceroElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1720.53[ESL Brigade] blasterCharity Team
P. 17315.33indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 174-5.11[P3D]L3X4Planet 3DNow!
P. 1758.74IceChant
P. 1765.41AhrenElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 177-9.4raddeElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 1781.82Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 179-5.96[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 180-15.65[SG-2W]ThimatCharity Team
P. 181-6.74REM!XPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1823.11Philipp
P. 183-1.14Gladiator@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 184-2.17LucaB76 - BOINC.ItalyBOINC.Italy
P. 1851.31[SG] CzechiCharity Team
P. 186-2.95[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 1895.56hagen15SETI.Germany
P. 1901.7p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 191-14.84[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 1925.09SequencerCharity Team
P. 193-4.12Cluster PhysikPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1943.31Ingo
P. 1953.87[AF>Belgique>EDLS] GegenCharity Team
P. 196-9.46masite
P. 197-0.3[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 19813.95yamashinProtein structural analysis room Japan
P. 19914.67[ESL Brigade] BennyCharity Team
P. 2008.75hzelsPlanet 3DNow!
P. 202-13.27[NL] YetiCharity Team
P. 203-10.55twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 20426.63[NL] FalconFlyCharity Team
P. 20536.14[AF>LINUX] patriceCharity Team
P. 2067.11mwgiiiBirmingham Area Researchers
P. 2075.2[ESL Brigade] ganimed2Charity Team
P. 208-3.78[AF>EDLS]GuLCharity Team
P. 20924.07yamashinProtein structural analysis room Japan
P. 210-1.93georgiosTeam Norway
P. 21128.97csbysetiNordlichter
P. 212-6.32Liebel-labKIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
P. 21324.83Jotam FelmyPlanet 3DNow!
P. 2145.47KKillCzech National Team
P. 216-11.07DuestermagierCharity Team
P. 21715.72KPXCzech National Team
P. 2185.18akakazElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 219-1.16Nite OwlTeddies
P. 2200.74[AF>Linux>Debian] Xam_OrpheusL'Alliance Francophone
P. 2212.99Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 2220.58[ESL Brigade] woTanElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 223-14.0SG-BoosterCharity Team
P. 22444.83krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 2258.91Cluster PhysikPlanet 3DNow!
P. 226-1.24[SG-SPEG] dingdongCharity Team
P. 227-4.34starledPlanet 3DNow!
P. 22851.19s@nl - frankdSETI@Netherlands
P. 2295.32BarryAZNovell Volunteer Sysops
P. 230-8.53mike047Zirconia
P. 231-0.81PatrickElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 232-5.29[SG-SPEG]SirPoldiCharity Team
P. 2333.95BLaCkHuNteRElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 234-5.14[SG] JuHuCharity Team
P. 235-3.87Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 237-6.95SuperRealPlanet 3DNow!
P. 238-8.42[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 239-8.15RonnyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 24014.22LucaB76 - BOINC.ItalyBOINC.Italy
P. 2410.92Dirty4488Planet 3DNow!
P. 2423.88YetiNordlichter
P. 243-3.33krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 24414.39derchrisElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 2450.51svenni96BOINC Synergy
P. 246-9.22JohnnyLed
P. 24714.83Morphy375Teddies
P. 24814.51[AF>HFR] FredjkeCharity Team
P. 249-0.41cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 251-2.85rolf
P. 2528.0[AF>EDLS] PithequeCharity Team
P. 253-10.84flamerElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 254-6.63mike047Zirconia
P. 255-0.85[ESL Brigade] KnuffoCharity Team
P. 256-6.52//phiLElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 257-1.55SG-BoosterCharity Team
P. 25811.99[SG]FriendsSETI.Germany
P. 259-16.25[C@B] PcLisCharity Team
P. 260-7.93[ESL Brigade] NoweCharity Team
P. 2612.47short232SETI.USA
P. 262-4.83MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 26317.6Rudi[NL]Nordlichter
P. 26424.4The SwordfishPC Perspective Killer Frogs
P. 265-13.46[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 266-3.65VollnoobPlanet 3DNow!
P. 2671.58krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 26817.14krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 2697.74Morphy375Teddies
P. 27025.87SG-BoosterCharity Team
P. 271-4.11ChrisElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 272-11.87SuperRealPlanet 3DNow!
P. 27323.98Gladiator@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 2743.34gumiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 275-3.15[SG-2.Wave]bieboderbesteCharity Team
P. 2766.42DistroManCruncher Junkies
P. 27716.03Nite OwlTeddies
P. 278-9.23sixecoElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 27920.46[AF>HFR>BZHWDT] CasingCharity Team
P. 2802.44Daniele CasaleSTIN
P. 28115.36[AF>Linux] mvarkCharity Team
P. 282-3.63sffubsArs Technica
P. 283-0.38[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 284-0.37p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 285-14.81indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 286-6.97[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 287-0.98DitschezzPlanet 3DNow!
P. 28820.63priesterCharity Team
P. 2891.28SuperRealPlanet 3DNow!
P. 290-0.77BLaCkHuNteRElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 2911.17Nite OwlTeddies
P. 292-2.73[ESL Brigade] haankCharity Team
P. 29312.8p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 2942.05[ESL Brigade] VinQCharity Team
P. 295-5.11[SG]FriendsCharity Team
P. 2969.34indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 29715.9229bde
P. 298-5.25cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 2996.33[SG-SPEG]SDICharity Team
P. 30010.4MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 301-5.11joe carnivoreNordlichter
P. 3020.242nd-Wave-BoosterCharity Team
P. 30310.28rufu
P. 304-0.55[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 3064.18HeloPlanet 3DNow!
P. 30717.86RarianArs Technica
P. 30814.27hzelsPlanet 3DNow!
P. 3099.24SuperRealPlanet 3DNow!
P. 311-7.24Marcus OlbrichElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 31255.18carl.hTeddies
P. 313-4.83[SG-SPEG] NullingerCharity Team
P. 314-7.91[AF] JulienhL'Alliance Francophone
P. 31565.55MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 3174.61De_vilPlanet 3DNow!
P. 3185.42ddranoc
P. 31952.25[NL] YetiCharity Team
P. 3201.25PjackPlanet 3DNow!
P. 3217.7BarryAZNovell Volunteer Sysops
P. 3224.25Archetype450XtremeSystems
P. 3231.22dago.netCharity Team
P. 3243.95HiRN@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 32516.28blanco_famCharity Team
P. 3261.23etrecordsNOC
P. 3275.87vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 3286.99Tomo@Team Wa
P. 3296.63[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFCharity Team
P. 3305.31The SwordfishPC Perspective Killer Frogs
P. 331-0.7[ESL Brigade] OdinCharity Team
P. 332-2.04[SG-2.Wave]bieboderbesteCharity Team
P. 3331.74Craig MarshCruncher Junkies
P. 33446.94tEdDyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 3359.02accedburnSETI.Germany
P. 33660.78p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 3371.04[ESL Brigade] abbseTElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 3381.66erde-m@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 3393.47[NL] YetiCharity Team
P. 34011.2[AF>Le_Pommier>] NicoCharity Team
P. 3414.41MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 342-3.86The SwordfishPC Perspective Killer Frogs
P. 3431.14Frank Horn
P. 34412.11[SG-SPEG] YamazakiCharity Team
P. 345-0.91StefanCharity Team
P. 34659.12pfbFree-DC
P. 3473.81Nite OwlTeddies
P. 348-2.3camo@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 349-1.34griff_esl
P. 350-0.45NervElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 351-7.63Alexander MeierCharity Team
P. 352-7.15Prime LemurBOINC@AUSTRALIA
P. 353-1.21ShagrathElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 35423.82JagDocPlanet 3DNow!
P. 35527.91[ESL Brigade] gineElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 356-8.94[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 35712.0Rainer BaumeisterCharity Team
P. 3582.45MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 35919.1[NL] YetiCharity Team
P. 3601.67s60Charity Team
P. 3610.49p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 3627.18[ESL Brigade] SylarCharity Team
P. 3630.25YanktonThe Knights Who Say Ni!
P. 3642.59[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 3655.77Captn-FuturePlanet 3DNow!
P. 366-0.81Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 367-8.76RompeolasCharity Team
P. 368-3.96ovPlanet 3DNow!
P. 3693.69Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 3706.62[SG] ATErnstCharity Team
P. 3717.91MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 372-2.33zYrExElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 37310.42CraenkElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 374-5.28volto_santoCharity Team
P. 37510.56[AF>Le_Pommier] ArnaudL'Alliance Francophone
P. 376-2.29[NL] FalconFlyCharity Team
P. 377-2.73manuBOINC@MIXI
P. 3787.92MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 379-1.62abuzeAbattoir_Blues
P. 3800.35UserElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 381-6.35[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 38213.58MonscreCharity Team
P. 383-4.37[NL] YetiCharity Team
P. 384-0.62HGWPlanet 3DNow!
P. 38510.22[C@B] Gaston FallaCharity Team
P. 3865.53[AF>France>LABIOSUD] Thierry CornetL'Alliance Francophone
P. 3873.13antonikoCANAL@Boinc
P. 38812.63[AF>EDLS] ThomasL'Alliance Francophone
P. 3892.44Christian Wolf
P. 3908.83skelletorPlanet 3DNow!
P. 3910.57[AF] laigleroyalCharity Team
P. 3926.07HeloPlanet 3DNow!
P. 393-8.4indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 3946.27[ESL Brigade] KnuffoCharity Team
P. 39566.84markdayoTeam Wa
P. 39612.06[SG-2.Wave]bieboderbesteCharity Team
P. 39711.99jcworksPlanet 3DNow!
P. 3981.13[SG] JuHuCharity Team
P. 3991.43NekdDrgnArs Technica
P. 4009.06rolf
P. 401-14.86FalconFlyNordlichter
P. 402-10.12mike047Zirconia
P. 4032.14[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFCharity Team
P. 4047.58[ESL Brigade] tRudYElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 40524.05MartinSETI.Germany
P. 4064.28NitemareGlitchArs Technica
P. 40725.22[AF>DoJ] supersonicCharity Team
P. 40822.78indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 4093.69raddeElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 4104.36BLaCkHuNteRElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 41114.32ThomasCharity Team
P. 412-0.3[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 41323.29dago.netCharity Team
P. 41415.3NeroElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 4151.66CarnalCharity Team
P. 4169.19BlueBirdZirconia
P. 4172.59GoverNElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 4186.72JagDocPlanet 3DNow!
P. 41936.89[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 420-7.91[AF>FRANCE>EST>ALPES]EpomilCharity Team
P. 421-8.1indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 422-2.21MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 4233.58AdministratorESL
P. 4243.04J-RPlanet 3DNow!
P. 4254.25indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 4262.11kockopesCzech National Team
P. 427-3.81Christian Siebner
P. 42812.26s@nl - frankdSETI@Netherlands
P. 429-1.26SR530Planet 3DNow!
P. 4305.85[ESL Brigade] gineCharity Team
P. 4315.59tojaberlinCharity Team
P. 4320.42s@nl - frankdSETI@Netherlands
P. 433-3.75Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 434-1.81[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 4351.17[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 436-1.67[P3D]L3X4Planet 3DNow!
P. 43717.08UNA
P. 4380.81[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 4390.29[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFCharity Team
P. 4409.61jcworksPlanet 3DNow!
P. 4411.73rufu
P. 442-1.02[AF>Belgique>Linux] Jerom007Charity Team
P. 4432.41SG-BoosterCharity Team
P. 444-1.81twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 445-1.47[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 446-8.57migraineur
P. 4476.69BittkauSETI.Germany
P. 44815.54[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 4493.11MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 45010.37Perry MaskellTeAm AnandTech
P. 45114.11[ESL Brigade] EbieElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 4523.2Peter7LustigCharity Team
P. 453-2.47Christian Siebner
P. 454-8.07wookieCharity Team
P. 4550.29r.jaeger
P. 456-7.43[C@B] Gaston FallaCANAL@Boinc
P. 4576.18[C@B] Rafa Hens El Califa [Cordoba]Charity Team
P. 4586.5[ESL Brigade] gineCharity Team
P. 4592.31[SG] JuHuCharity Team
P. 460-2.41[B^S] ankaboBOINC Synergy
P. 4616.58[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFCharity Team
P. 46248.47p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 463-8.57SR530Planet 3DNow!
P. 4642.59LinieKluge Kaiser
P. 46533.99f.o.g.zonePlanet 3DNow!
P. 4662.14VC/HVHPlanet 3DNow!
P. 467-2.65REM!XPlanet 3DNow!
P. 4688.55Stan Wells
P. 46923.24NekdDrgnArs Technica
P. 470-6.57[ESL Brigade] aquila_fortisCharity Team
P. 4718.26NekdDrgnArs Technica
P. 4725.9NiporCharity Team
P. 473-0.18etrecordsNOC
P. 4742.36dago.netCharity Team
P. 475-0.61CrowleyPlanet 3DNow!
P. 476-2.09eric7
P. 4773.51[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 4783.64csbysetiNordlichter
P. 479-5.36erde-m@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 480-0.06indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 481-1.19Crunchers For More PowerCharity Team
P. 4826.72rufu
P. 4835.95JagDocPlanet 3DNow!
P. 48416.76csbysetiNordlichter
P. 4854.16CherryPlanet 3DNow!
P. 4863.54FractalArs Technica
P. 487-13.1Jotam FelmyPlanet 3DNow!
P. 48816.16twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 489-0.5[ESL Brigade] R ! p p c h e ³Charity Team
P. 490-8.51Crunchers For More PowerCharity Team
P. 4916.34[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 49212.89N4ckeDieCharity Team
P. 4939.12[AF>HFR>BZHWDT] CasingCharity Team
P. 49410.7UNA
P. 495-6.72dragonPlanet 3DNow!
P. 496-12.87LumiXElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 49712.68HiRN@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 4983.78FreemontWillyPlanet 3DNow!
P. 49913.4kartanPlanet 3DNow!
P. 5004.25[SG-2W]Digi421Charity Team
P. 5014.29krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 5021.2JagDocPlanet 3DNow!
P. 5038.4[ESL Brigade] SnuffyCharity Team
P. 5041.52CocagneCharity Team
P. 5051.23AlvastorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 506-4.65Rainer BaumeisterCharity Team
P. 5079.4[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 5084.28VenoXPlanet 3DNow!
P. 509-0.06p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 510-11.15accedburnSETI.Germany
P. 511-7.3narsilElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 51216.472SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 5135.31blubber_Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 514-2.0Jotam FelmyPlanet 3DNow!
P. 51512.86s@nl - frankdSETI@Netherlands
P. 516-4.38georgiosTeam Norway
P. 5170.46Nite OwlTeddies
P. 5184.49MrBadPlanet 3DNow!
P. 51921.81[AF>LINUX] patriceCharity Team
P. 5206.33[AF>Occitania] OccitaniaCharity Team
P. 521-2.3csbysetiNordlichter
P. 522-4.15ESL_SilenceroElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 5234.11krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 524-8.0Nite OwlTeddies
P. 525-3.8Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 5261.41B4NGElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 527-3.3[AF>HFR>HOP!]Xarou des bouasCharity Team
P. 5280.18priesterCharity Team
P. 52940.55RouvenElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 530-13.74[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 53111.96[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 53214.53TalocanAMD Task Force Germany
P. 533-3.09tojaberlinCharity Team
P. 53411.68[AF>FRANCE>EST>ALPES]EpomilL'Alliance Francophone
P. 535-7.98narsilElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 536-17.51indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 537-0.1p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 5383.75[SG-2nd Wave]bahnbrecherCharity Team
P. 5394.43kiezkindElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 5400.78[SG-2W]Digi421Charity Team
P. 54117.36UNA
P. 5421.38narsilElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 54311.96[AF>Le_Pommier>]EdCharity Team
P. 544-0.85PjackPlanet 3DNow!
P. 545-8.16Osmar DuranUSA
P. 546-9.27Burt
P. 547-4.99Captn-FuturePlanet 3DNow!
P. 548-4.27[c@b] andreaCharity Team
P. 5497.89[AF>WildWildWest]SebastienCharity Team
P. 550-0.33[AF>WildWildWest]SebastienCharity Team
P. 55117.25[] PlutonioCharity Team
P. 5526.82EnergiequantCharity Team
P. 55316.96Christian Wolf
P. 555-4.02taurecCharity Team
P. 55614.92duanmingwuTeam China
P. 5574.87p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 5589.13ChipotleArs Technica
P. 559-1.38short232Charity Team
P. 560-23.03cscashby
P. 561-2.52MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 5620.94[ESL Brigade] gineCharity Team
P. 5649.34[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 56522.18KAMCOBILLX Grubbers Kick Ass
P. 566-3.21[AF>France>Alpes]StarfisherL'Alliance Francophone
P. 567-0.92Henrik StussyCharity Team
P. 5681.27EXA
P. 5692.1[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFCharity Team
P. 5705.13Sven GieseBOINC Synergy
P. 57117.21Bruce-WillesPlanet 3DNow!
P. 572-15.46[ESL Brigade] NakaronElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 573-12.53[ESL Brigade] inFlamesCharity Team
P. 575-0.34NiporCANAL@Boinc
P. 576-3.19BarryAZNovell Volunteer Sysops
P. 577-9.07[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFCharity Team
P. 578-6.67[ESL Brigade] porno_cCharity Team
P. 5794.21FighterElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 5803.2yamashinProtein structural analysis room Japan
P. 5812.3[MTB]JackTheRipper@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 582-1.3[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 583-5.052SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 584-7.31csbysetiNordlichter
P. 5850.37[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersL'Alliance Francophone
P. 58614.59[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 58713.62[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 588-11.04[AF>Le_Pommier>] GPVCharity Team
P. 58915.14j2satxZirconia
P. 590-6.4GanjaElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 5910.67[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 592-0.252SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 593-10.68[ESL ELITE CRUNCHER] R ! p p c h e ³Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 594-0.08maroofUAE Residents
P. 595-4.88Angelsclan.deUselessElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 596-16.18f.o.g.zonePlanet 3DNow!
P. 597-6.03[ESL Brigade] R ! p p c h e ³Charity Team
P. 59810.81erteZetCharity Team
P. 599-5.16TronKillerElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 6009.32SkylineArs Technica
P. 6017.76biancawCharity Team
P. 602-5.32CarnalCharity Team
P. 603-1.28[SG-2W]Digi421Charity Team
P. 6048.41dontobiElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 6052.11[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 6067.38speedimicBRIQQ GmbH
P. 60714.08BayuwareCharity Team
P. 608-4.06GreschiCharity Team
P. 609-1.48Cha-No-YuL'Alliance Francophone
P. 6107.73[ESL Brigade] haankCharity Team
P. 612-6.11[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFCharity Team
P. 61325.682SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 614-4.18AndiDEGPlanet 3DNow!
P. 615-0.45[AF>Le_Pommier>]EdCharity Team
P. 61610.47Christian Wolf
P. 617-3.78[c@b] andreaCharity Team
P. 618-9.46VeritasElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 6194.99CrowleyPlanet 3DNow!
P. 620-8.04jack8SETI.Germany
P. 621-4.98[AF>Linux] nico8313Charity Team
P. 6223.41[AF>Linux] yarmaCharity Team
P. 623-4.04Liebel-labKIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
P. 62429.49[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 6254.19[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 62658.3ovPlanet 3DNow!
P. 627-13.95[ESL Brigade] Xaser87Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 6281.02[SG-SPEG]Puzzle-PeterCharity Team
P. 629-6.11Pentti KiesiKarelia
P. 630-8.22[AF>Linux] yarmaCharity Team
P. 63122.33[AF>WildWildWest] frantzCharity Team
P. 632-8.8csbysetiNordlichter
P. 63311.75Uwe-BergstedtCharity Team
P. 634-11.76BastardDAUCharity Team
P. 63514.32[ESL Brigade] DynamiteCharity Team
P. 636-13.82[C@B] DferlorCANAL@Boinc
P. 637-4.3michaelmastroUSA
P. 63818.64David BallTeam-SciFi
P. 63956.68[AF>FRANCE>EST>ALPES]EpomilCharity Team
P. 6404.03firewall68MEDIA DATABASE
P. 641-10.31indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 642-2.98GercoGRussia Team
P. 6432.55[SG] sz1chnCharity Team
P. 64448.33[ESL Brigade] aquila_fortisCharity Team
P. 6461.05dmddPlanet 3DNow!
P. 647-8.36CarnalCharity Team
P. 64870.27SZElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 64915.31BarryAZNovell Volunteer Sysops
P. 65019.95XBiTElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 651-0.36EselTreiber@P3DNPlanet 3DNow!
P. 6526.5Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 653-3.19REM!XPlanet 3DNow!
P. 654-5.85IceChant
P. 65553.3[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 6567.54XBiTElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 6577.95[AF>France>LABIOSUD] Thierry CornetL'Alliance Francophone
P. 6583.59biscuit_Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 6598.25Cha-No-YuCharity Team
P. 66064.45j2satxZirconia
P. 661-5.43indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 662-13.61rufu
P. 663-6.76rapt0rPlanet 3DNow!
P. 66417.5burningCPU
P. 6658.72[AF>Linux>Debian] Xam_OrpheusCharity Team
P. 66613.43JornDutch Power Cows
P. 66722.97Lusti
P. 6686.19wraillon
P. 6690.03SchneiderScapeUSA
P. 67011.49krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 671-7.64[AF>Belgique] 1/3ryL'Alliance Francophone
P. 6726.05[P3D]L3X4Planet 3DNow!
P. 673-8.3Metallhase@Planet3dNowPlanet 3DNow!
P. 674-1.66slvPoland
P. 6756.76JoNaTElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 67623.73SaengerCharity Team
P. 6778.94georgiosTeam Norway
P. 6784.44_C0n-T!0z_Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 67911.27abursteinArs Technica
P. 680-0.86[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 681-1.75twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 6822.44csbysetiNordlichter
P. 6836.43indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 68412.73[NL] YetiCharity Team
P. 6859.1Mr. IcePlanet 3DNow!
P. 6867.24[NL] FalconFlyCharity Team
P. 68712.96axels_SGCharity Team
P. 68811.84[c@b]mjgarllorCharity Team
P. 689-14.71[AF>HFR>BZHWDT] Da BZH World Domination TeamCharity Team
P. 6910.06Team_Elteor_Borislavj~ElteorDutch Power Cows
P. 6920.61Quadrophonie [NL]Charity Team
P. 6935.04[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 694-4.99SimonElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 695-8.87MarcolinoCharity Team
P. 6960.33Craig MarshCruncher Junkies
P. 697-7.83MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 698-1.73KKillCzech National Team
P. 6993.35Kirdnem(Vince)Cruncher Junkies
P. 700-10.23vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 7015.07[NL] YetiCharity Team
P. 7037.2Sven GieseBOINC Synergy
P. 7044.9jokerCharity Team
P. 705-0.05[AF>WildWildWest] frantzCharity Team
P. 706-5.71Mark Wertheim
P. 707-0.9[NL] FalconFlyCharity Team
P. 708-5.92[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFCharity Team
P. 70916.27MeinerEinerCharity Team
P. 710-13.73Schadow_ViperPlanet 3DNow!
P. 71127.16krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 712-11.73griff_esl
P. 71312.36TobsenElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 7144.38csbysetiNordlichter
P. 715-0.66SorTeX^^Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 7161.55seggewcf
P. 7176.62JagDocPlanet 3DNow!
P. 7183.58[SG-SPEG]Dominik S.Charity Team
P. 7199.4vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 720-1.6[AF>Linux] mvarkCharity Team
P. 7212.12ExtraTerrestrialApesCharity Team
P. 722-2.99Svenie25Charity Team
P. 723-0.84[AF>HFR>BZHWDT] CasingCharity Team
P. 724-0.22[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 725-2.65UNA
P. 726-12.15Evil_RichBOINC Synergy
P. 7279.44HinterElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 7283.07[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 7297.88[SG SPEG] FornaxCharity Team
P. 7308.53601df!n63RElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 7319.38Gladiator@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 732-6.19John BradfordUSA
P. 7336.55BiosTauBaerCharity Team
P. 734-7.47Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 73525.06accedburnSETI.Germany
P. 7365.43migges
P. 7376.95carl.hTeddies
P. 73819.88cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 739-0.38SilversurferESL
P. 740-8.73Zachary@TeddiesTeddies
P. 741-9.69Florian OhnesorgCharity Team
P. 742-2.07HulkHagenPlanet 3DNow!
P. 7437.83erde-m@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 744-7.31akakazElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 74529.1AnanasNordlichter
P. 7462.26[SG SPEG] FornaxCharity Team
P. 74710.99indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 7489.45Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 749-6.25maniacPlanet 3DNow!
P. 750-17.52twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 751-2.62SchattenläuferCharity Team
P. 752-0.17Stan Wells
P. 753-2.72MasterElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 7550.23[ESL Brigade] MaRgEElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 756-9.15Master of deathElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 757-6.7AliPlanet 3DNow!
P. 75818.41csbysetiNordlichter
P. 7590.54hmsenn
P. 76047.34[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 76116.31Simon FrankenbergerElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 762-9.8[AF>Linux] nico8313Charity Team
P. 7631.17Arthur BohrElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 764-2.28G o d yElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 7654.4[AF>FRANCE>EST>ALPES]EpomilL'Alliance Francophone
P. 7663.87markus heimbuechelPlanet 3DNow!
P. 76716.48BOBPlanet 3DNow!
P. 768-6.55[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 769-10.01f.o.g.zonePlanet 3DNow!
P. 770-2.68rufu
P. 7719.07[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 77211.74csbysetiNordlichter
P. 7730.82[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 77420.02vaioCrunchers Inc
P. 7752.46Nite OwlTeddies
P. 776-6.73REM!XPlanet 3DNow!
P. 77711.37p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 77814.89[SG-SPEG]SDICharity Team
P. 779-3.62slowroland
P. 780-13.9[AF>LINUX] patriceCharity Team
P. 7810.15sCeneElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 78221.7[ESL Brigade] marcsenCharity Team
P. 7831.24biancawCharity Team
P. 785-0.34REM!XPlanet 3DNow!
P. 786-12.2N4ckeDieCharity Team
P. 7874.4Crunchers For More PowerCharity Team
P. 788-3.82TEulalioIBM
P. 78921.24csbysetiNordlichter
P. 7902.59[AF>LINUX] patriceCharity Team
P. 791-10.49[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 79220.86SG-BoosterCharity Team
P. 79365.69Rainoldo
P. 7942.94indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 7956.05KeepCharity Team
P. 79613.51al@ONCharity Team
P. 7972.16[B^S] SpydermbBOINC Synergy
P. 7983.15krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 79910.75[ESL Brigade] tRudYCharity Team
P. 8001.8SiSSoKoElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 8016.5GehrsitzPlunet
P. 8023.79rolf
P. 8031.55jph_84L'Alliance Francophone
P. 804-1.75kartanPlanet 3DNow!
P. 805-1.33[NL] YetiCharity Team
P. 80637.06Tobias MajerElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 807-3.0ZipfeklatschaPlanet 3DNow!
P. 808-2.99qeryElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 8098.34[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFCharity Team
P. 8106.62s@nl - frankdSETI@Netherlands
P. 81110.9Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 812-3.81Uwe-BergstedtCharity Team
P. 813-4.37RebirtherBOINC Confederation
P. 8141.48[ESL Brigade] CryoX-CalliCharity Team
P. 815-3.0manuBOINC@MIXI
P. 8161.86[SG-2.Wave]bieboderbesteCharity Team
P. 81724.46RobinElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 818-7.96[P3D]L3X4Planet 3DNow!
P. 819-8.97cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 8202.99Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 8215.18ryderElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 822-7.74[NL] YetiCharity Team
P. 82316.82CarnalCharity Team
P. 82410.89[NL] joe carnivoreCharity Team
P. 8251.44XBiTElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 826-9.97[ESL Brigade] porno_cCharity Team
P. 827-1.28taurecCharity Team
P. 8289.63krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 82911.65csbysetiNordlichter
P. 83014.34[SG SPEG] FornaxCharity Team
P. 8316.8[NL] YetiCharity Team
P. 8322.03RompeolasCharity Team
P. 833-8.53Christian Wolf
P. 8342.14Perry MaskellTeAm AnandTech
P. 83510.18shu@loungeTeam 2ch
P. 836-6.86JerexNOC
P. 837-3.69aMaElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 838-7.89dago.netCharity Team
P. 8390.74[SG] ATErnstCharity Team
P. 840-1.72[ESL Brigade] RobaLElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 84117.72[AF>France>LABIOSUD] Thierry CornetL'Alliance Francophone
P. 842-11.88De_vilPlanet 3DNow!
P. 8434.8[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 8442.22Nite OwlTeddies
P. 8453.56cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 846-1.06HDvid
P. 8472.16[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 848-14.24Christian Wolf
P. 849-6.47[MTB]JackTheRipper@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 850-8.59csbysetiNordlichter
P. 8513.83Gladiator@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 85210.73[ESL Brigade] gineCharity Team
P. 8530.37SETI.USA ClusterCharity Team
P. 854-7.53j8.xyyyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 855-4.95georgiosTeam Norway
P. 856-0.4MGeeePlanet 3DNow!
P. 857-4.33PsychoDadCharity Team
P. 8582.26Manuel ManchonCANAL@Boinc
P. 85911.35RebirtherBOINC Confederation
P. 860-0.47[NL] FalconFlyCharity Team
P. 861-4.4Liebel-labKIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
P. 8623.05Zachary@TeddiesTeddies
P. 8630.47RichardElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 86426.69[ESL] in_motionCharity Team
P. 86530.85Philipp
P. 867-0.5[AF>France>Sale-caractere] AntaresCharity Team
P. 8684.61[ESL Brigade] SylarCharity Team
P. 869-0.47[SG]FriendsCharity Team
P. 87011.97spaceonePlanet 3DNow!
P. 87111.52Cluster PhysikPlanet 3DNow!
P. 872-7.21twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 8730.27[ESL Brigade] SlavenElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 8742.27[AF>EDLS] PithequeCharity Team
P. 875-4.69[ESL Brigade] JabberwokyCharity Team
P. 876-2.27[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 8771.16trist06Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 8783.03[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFCharity Team
P. 879-2.81Gestiefelter_KaterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 881-2.07ESL SantiElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 8824.11[AF>EDLS]GuLCharity Team
P. 88315.37TherenArs Technica
P. 88413.92Rainer BaumeisterCharity Team
P. 88510.98[ESL Brigade] MC HAMMERElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 886-4.92[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 8871.65JibayyElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 889-10.6handlampePlanet 3DNow!
P. 890-4.7rapt0rPlanet 3DNow!
P. 89113.08user69Planet 3DNow!
P. 89243.62erde-m@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 8935.6HiRN@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!