Peptideanalysis 383

We have identified a few distinct protein sequences, which can enter a membrane and enriched them with some nearly similar sequences, which cannot. The main objective of the peptide jobs is to find structural insight as to why some peptides can permeate the membrane. The workunits processed here are therefore not usual folding attempts but rather fixed temperature thermodynamic simulations to elucidate the nature of the permeation ability.

To the right you will find the best energy structure (to date) of the first sequence. Below is a table of all the best energy structures and the people who have discovered them. This table will be updated once per day. To check out the other structures just click on the structure ID in the first column of the table. If you cannot see the Java applet on the right, please check your Java install.

Nr.Energy User Team
P. 1-8.04flouxyCharity Team
P. 2-8.65anotheronePlanet 3DNow!
P. 3-7.68[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 4-8.21UNA
P. 5-11.58Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 6-7.15[AF>LINUX] patriceCharity Team
P. 7-4.99PloostCharity Team
P. 8-6.472SRoninPlanet 3DNow!
P. 9-13.4BLaCkHuNteRCharity Team
P. 10-16.89OsterhasiElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 11-11.47csbysetiNordlichter
P. 12-5.28BarryAZNovell Volunteer Sysops
P. 13-14.59AndiDEGPlanet 3DNow!
P. 14-14.17Piotr Semrau
P. 155.14JagDocPlanet 3DNow!
P. 16-5.54[AF>FRANCE>EST>ALPES]EpomilCharity Team
P. 17-9.2[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFCharity Team
P. 18-0.84[STS]LoBCharity Team
P. 19-10.59Rockyviewbus
P. 20-2.58Mikel1967Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 21-8.23[ESL Brigade] Mr_QuietCharity Team
P. 22-4.81[EK]ManiacCharity Team
P. 23-10.62[ESL Brigade] EbieElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 24-2.12twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 25-12.44[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 26-8.49[ESL Brigade] BenZCharity Team
P. 27-10.7IJumpTeAm AnandTech
P. 28-1.53pm
P. 29-13.19[SG SPEG] FornaxCharity Team
P. 30-4.75[SG-SPEG] dicloCharity Team
P. 31-8.8FighterCharity Team
P. 32-7.37alicatCruncher Junkies
P. 33-4.17[NL] FalconFlyCharity Team
P. 343.43GreschiCharity Team
P. 35-6.95HiRN@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 36-3.3David
P. 37-9.27ovPlanet 3DNow!
P. 38-7.96starledPlanet 3DNow!
P. 39-1.28[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 40-2.17[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFCharity Team
P. 41-9.87[SG-SPEG]SDICharity Team
P. 42-1.99[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 43-5.97John BradfordUSA
P. 44-5.35[ESL Brigade] tRudYCharity Team
P. 45-2.13RechenknechtSwissTeam.NET
P. 460.44p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 4812.57Dan WulffThe Final Front Ear
P. 49-4.65Morphy375Teddies
P. 50-5.29[AF>HFR>BZHWDT] Da BZH World Domination TeamCharity Team
P. 51-5.97CherryPlanet 3DNow!
P. 52-8.24[c@b] andreaCharity Team
P. 53-5.12HulkHagenPlanet 3DNow!
P. 54-1.43[AF>WildWildWest] RyzenCharity Team
P. 550.29[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 56-7.81hagen15SETI.Germany
P. 57-7.66Nite OwlTeddies
P. 58-0.4[NL] YetiCharity Team
P. 59-4.43OliElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 60-5.5tikerCanada
P. 61-2.22twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 62-11.44hainzyCharity Team
P. 63-1.99[C@B] DferlorCharity Team
P. 64-4.8vbagacn72Charity Team
P. 65-3.27[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 6617.31markdayoTeam Wa
P. 67-2.53krbPlanet 3DNow!
P. 68-2.08twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 69-4.9[AF>Linux] Elgrande71Charity Team
P. 70-9.11Stefan BittnerSETI.Germany
P. 71-8.48[SG-SPEG] YamazakiCharity Team
P. 72-2.25[c@b] andreaCharity Team
P. 73-6.12Jeff GuGuru Mountain
P. 74-7.32tikerCanada
P. 75-3.23indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 76-4.4spaceonePlanet 3DNow!
P. 77-6.23eric7
P. 78-8.09Erasmus.HeroldElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 79-6.64ovPlanet 3DNow!
P. 80-13.12flouxyCharity Team
P. 82-11.88[ESL Brigade] pYrus pYrasterCharity Team
P. 83-6.48Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 84-10.08[AF>HFR] KronoMuldorL'Alliance Francophone
P. 85-12.11SR530Planet 3DNow!
P. 86-11.36biancawCharity Team
P. 87-8.23hypeElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 88-6.29[ESL Brigade] Cyber1805Charity Team
P. 90-5.79skelletorPlanet 3DNow!
P. 91-3.41[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 92-12.25Nite OwlTeddies
P. 93-5.22Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 94-10.37indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 950.97MartinSETI.Germany
P. 966.23Ragnar
P. 97-7.09mike047Zirconia
P. 98-9.09Daniel Stach (Hadra)Space Family
P. 99-0.87SpameaterBOINC@Heidelberg
P. 100-9.45Reciprock
P. 101-8.35[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFCharity Team
P. 102-5.68priesterCharity Team
P. 103-0.51accedburnSETI.Germany
P. 104-12.41erde-m@Planet 3DNow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 105-10.21[AF>EDLS] PithequeCharity Team
P. 106-12.43[C@B] Rafa Hens El Califa [Cordoba]Charity Team
P. 107-14.35Frank MulackPlanet 3DNow!
P. 108-10.63[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 109-10.91[AF>EDLS] PithequeCharity Team
P. 110-6.35JasonXElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 111-10.59Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 112-10.65Evil_RichBOINC Synergy
P. 113-5.89[AF>FRANCE>EST>ALPES]EpomilL'Alliance Francophone
P. 114-4.87reialityElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 115-6.68JagDocPlanet 3DNow!
P. 117-7.64Paul SandsUSA
P. 118-10.31tenz62Electronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 119-12.29[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 120-9.32indiana@setiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 121-11.14tafkadPlanet 3DNow!
P. 1229.44[NL] joe carnivoreCharity Team
P. 123-9.38VelociraptorCharity Team
P. 124-6.68[EL]UliCharity Team
P. 12510.47SG-BoosterCharity Team
P. 126-10.29p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 127-6.04[AF>WildWildWest] RLDFCharity Team
P. 128-8.75Morphy375Teddies
P. 129-11.93Bernd MathisCharity Team
P. 130-10.95cmoegelePlanet 3DNow!
P. 131-14.59MartinSETI.Germany
P. 132-5.97[AF>WildWildWest]SebastienCharity Team
P. 133-16.56SimonElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 134-8.21j2satxZirconia
P. 1356.94Eric
P. 136-9.96[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 137-9.52[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 138-8.15worldwideskier
P. 139-11.89HavidekSpace Family
P. 140-8.48[SG-SPEG]Puzzle-PeterCharity Team
P. 141-8.83twodee@planet 3dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 142-5.16Odd-Rod
P. 143-18.37nininhoBrazilian Team
P. 144-6.65[SG]bombiSETI.Germany
P. 145-6.67[ESL Brigade] haankCharity Team
P. 146-6.49Liebel-labKIT- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
P. 147-15.55Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 148-8.66[ESL Brigade] LiMiTCharity Team
P. 149-5.27gumiPlanet 3DNow!
P. 150-5.61FractalArs Technica
P. 151-11.9[SG]marodeur6Charity Team
P. 152-9.37guru2001-mucCharity Team
P. 153-2.47short232Charity Team
P. 154-9.55Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 155-6.56[ESL Brigade] raidenElectronic Sports League (ESL)
P. 156-11.37[AF>EDLS>BIOMED]GillooxCharity Team
P. 157-10.83starledPlanet 3DNow!
P. 158-8.65UNA
P. 159-9.44shinishi@jisakuTeam 2ch
P. 160-10.02p3d-clusterPlanet 3DNow!
P. 161-5.5[SG-SPEG] NullingerCharity Team
P. 162-5.74[SG-SPEG-CH-ZH]DrahtzieherCharity Team
P. 163-11.7guru2001-mucCharity Team
P. 164-7.22Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!
P. 165-0.76[AF>LINUX] patriceCharity Team
P. 166-9.46Misanthrop66SETI.Germany
P. 167-2.71[ESL Brigade] Xaser87Charity Team
P. 168-6.41[ESL Brigade] R ! p p c h e ³Charity Team
P. 169-6.05ElmoHooArs Technica
P. 170-7.89[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersCharity Team
P. 171-1.55georgiosTeam Norway
P. 172-8.52Txt.fileAMD Users
P. 173-3.95[SG] sz1chnCharity Team
P. 174-6.65[AF] JulienhL'Alliance Francophone
P. 175-7.03MagisterNordlichter
P. 176-5.59[ESL Brigade] DevCharity Team
P. 177-4.06SchattenläuferCharity Team
P. 178-14.16[AF>HFR>RR] RoadRunnersL'Alliance Francophone
P. 1799.03Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!Planet 3DNow!